The right wedding dress is every girl’s dream but picking one can be a nightmare. Having looked at every fashion trend that’s making waves this season if you are still not sure of what you want, we get it. And we have only one advice, go with your gut girl, it’s your wedding after all. But if you still need a little cheering up and some much-needed advice, we spoke to eight real brides who tell us about their wedding style wins. We suggest you take notes.

Bronika Gandhi Doshi, chartered accountant

Bronika_Gandhi Bronika tied the knot in April 2016 and made for a beautiful marwadi bride. Even with a destination wedding and very little time on hands for the preps Bronika made sure she got what she wanted. “I chose contrasting colours for my wedding dress and made sure I knew what my groom was wearing. We coordinated our clothes as I wanted to look in sync with him. I think that’s important and gladly for us it worked out well,” states Bronika.

Shanaya Awtaney, baker

Shanaya_1 Shanaya feels that Indian wedding wear usually reflect our traditions and thus have a touch of ethnicity to them. “But I wanted to make sure that I have my own touch to each outfit and don't become a copy of any other bride. So I kept the traditional red for the pheras with a heavy red dupatta but made my entire outfit gold instead and toned it down. I also aimed at making every wedding outfit look different from the other just to bring some variety in my wardrobe too,” suggests Shanaya.

Chandni Tolani, marketing professional

Chandni_Tolani Everyone ends up spending a bomb on their wedding outfit but Chandni thought it was a better idea to spend on wedding jewellery. “Even if you're wearing artificial jewellery, buy something classic like I did. I paired up a gorgeous Kundan set with my outfit so I can easily reuse and repeat it in the future and it added that extra edge to my beautiful orange lehenga,” she states.

Maqsuda Sham, IT professional

Maqsuda_Sham1 (1) Maqsuda was smart enough to do all her wedding shopping during the monsoon sales. She says, “I got great deals and discounts but the only thing I worried about was the fittings. I have a really tiny frame and not everything fits especially with readymade clothes. So I made sure I did a trial of all my clothes and it really helped me save a lot of trouble since the alterations could be done well in advance.” Maqsuda who got married in December last year also got all her jewellery on rent since she knew she wouldn’t ever wear that kind of chunky jewellery again.

Hesha Chimmah, fashion and beauty blogger

Hesha1 While picking her wedding outfit, Hesha was extremely skeptical and stressed. “But since I was inclined towards fashion, I knew exactly what I wanted. While briefing my designer I made sure she designed my outfit keeping in mind my body type and structure which I think is extremely important. There's no point following a trend blindly. Also, pick a color that compliments your skin tone and design it accordingly just the way I did with my wedding trousseau,” she concludes.

Khyati Manglani, public relations professional

Khyati (2) “I did seven trails for my wedding dress and then changed the colour of one of my duppatas. So I would recommend doing not only dress rehearsals and trail but also make-up trails to avoid any mishaps on the d-day. Do the trails with jewellery and footwear just to be extra sure,” suggests the bubbly Khyati.

Tanya Ohri, tarot reader

Tanya1 Tanya was one bindaas bride who was brave enough to experiment with colours and styles rather than playing it safe. Since she was having a December destination wedding in Lonavala, she wanted to be comfortable and warm instead of freezing to death on her own wedding. “I was extremely hyperactive and didn’t want something heavy that would drain me out. So I made sure the clothes looked rich and sophisticated but were yet light and breathable. I also wore pants for my mata ki chowki function and mehendi and they looked fab. So one should not hesitate from experimenting, In fact for my pheras that lasted till 4am, I made sure to layer without thinking it will make me look fat. Didn’t want to die of cold.” adds Tanya

Mariya E, media professional

Mariya_E (1) Mariya has an extremely tiny frame and so there was no chance she could fit into a readymade wedding dress. She had to get hers customized and went around looking for the right designer for days. “I couldn’t trust anyone and everyone with my wedding dress so I had to be extra sure. I asked friends for their recommendations and even when I narrowed down on a designer I made sure to give her another set of clothes to design before I trusted her with my wedding dress. I think it’s important to find a trustworthy designer who understands your needs, if you are customizing the outfit,” she states.