The internet has made the world a smaller place, but there are still several far-off places that many of us might never get to see in our lifetime. Thankfully, with Instagram there’s hope for us yet. These are some of our favourite Indian travel photographers on Instagram, so strap in for the tour of your life.

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The first thing that pops out at you when you visit George Koruth’s Insta page is his fondness for colour, which is something we absolutely love about his visual style. Many of his photos also come with a story and everyone loves a great visual storyteller, don’t they?
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Ravi Choudhary is a photojournalist with the Hindustan Times and while he may primarily specialise in portrait work, he also travels across the country to get to the faces in his photographs. Like this article? Also read: How to Buy a Checked Shirt The official account of travel photojournalist, Jitendra Singh, features portraits and landscapes from the life he leads between Shimla and New Delhi. There’s something very special about the photos he takes in Shimla – an intimacy that can be found only when you’re truly at home.
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Freelance travel writer and photographer Neelima Vallangi is serious about living that nomadic life. Her Insta feed is full of beautiful photo stories from around the world and she puts a lot of thought into the captions of all her photographs. After years of muted colours and underwhelming Instagram filters, this is one feed we can really sink our colour-craving teeth into. The stunning range of Sharath’s colour palette will make you want to quit your job and go see what she’s seen. Like this article? Also read: Through the Lens: With Travel Photographer Pankaj Anand
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Travel blogger Shivya Nath claims that she’s just a girl who enjoys travel, but we beg to disagree because her photographs are stunning. One thing’s for sure, we’re really glad this modern-day nomad takes her camera along with her. Now, we know that not everyone is crazy for colour like we are, so check out this guy’s work if you want to see India in a softer light. He also has some great minimalist and black and white work, besides being the founder of another very popular Instagram page, @streets.of.india We wrap it up with a visual tour of the mountains. Subhash Chandra almost exclusively photographs snow-capped peaks and the stunning views in the north of the country. If you’ve always believed that the mountains are magical, this feed will do very little to convince you otherwise. Like this article? Also read: These Drone Pictures Will Ignite Your Wanderlust Looking for a professional DSLR camera? We've found you some options below.

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