Wedding season is in full swing and every just married couple is hankering for a honeymoon in a place like Goa, the Andamans, Manali or God’s own country, Kerala. Since marriage itself is an adventure, why not extend that sense of adventure to your honeymoon and explore new, lesser-known and far more rewarding destinations instead? Ditch obvious destinations for these underrated honeymoon spots across India.

Bundi, Rajasthan

Overshadowed by the more touristy cities of Udaipur, Jaipur and Jaisalmer, Bundi is a small and quaint town that is famous for its stepwells, and the majestic Bundi Fort. Only a couple of hours from India’s tuition capital Kota, Bundi is home to some beautiful haveli-style homestays that promise a great stay. Have a bite at Kipling Café, pay your respects at the various cenotaphs dotting the city and head to nearby Ranthambore for tiger-spotting if you’re in the mood.

Kohima, Nagaland

Kohima, the state capital, is still relatively undiscovered despite hosting the annual Hornbill Festival in December. For the adventurous, a trek to Nagaland’s highest point, Japku Peak, is a sure sign that your relationship is about to touch great heights. Nearby you’ll find Mount Tiyi (Mountain of Life) with an orchard that locals say can only be visited by humble and pure souls. Visit the War Cemetery and ruins of Kachari for some historical perspective or get some handicrafts from Naga Bazaar as souvenirs.

Pench, Madhya Pradesh

If, as a couple, you love the jungle its wildlife, then look no further than Pench Tiger Reserve. It’s not as famous as some nearby tiger-viewing spots such as Kanha and Bandhavgarh, but it has a distinct difference as it’s primarily a teak forest, rather than a sal forest, which is found elsewhere. The inspiration behind The Jungle Book, Pench is one of just a few reserves that allow a night safari; also, it’s accessible from from Maharashtra as well as Madhya Pradesh. So after you’ve spent the day spotting unique local flora and fauna, unwind at luxurious lodging options situated right outside the park gates.

Yumthang Valley, Sikkim

Offering you the chance to live an idyllic rural life, the Yumthang Valley offers breath taking natural landscapes and authentic, organic meals that will be almost impossible to replicate in your urban life. Stay at Lachung village to experience fast-fading village hospitality and hike up to picturesque Zero Point to start the countdown to your married days. Who said honeymoons have to be boring?


Lakshadweep, which grew up even as tourists made a dive for Andaman (literally), is one of the best places to celebrate your honeymoon. All you need is an easily obtainable permit from your hotel and you’re good to go. Explore the unspoilt beaches of Agatti, Kavaratti, Kadmat and Bangaram. Sports activities are also a given as almost every beach will give you options for scuba diving, deep sea diving, kayaking and water skiing.


Okay, this is kind of obvious, except it isn’t. For some reason (prudishness?), going to Khajuraho for your honeymoon seems to raise more eyebrows than applause. Buck the trend and go back in time to when sex was a celebration rather than a reason for persecution. Walk through the temple structures and admire (and find inspiration from) the intricate carvings that adorn them. Stay at luxurious five-star properties dotting the town to have a honeymoon that will blow your mind.


For those of a spiritual bent, honeymooning at Dharamsala, the unofficial capital of Buddhism in India, is a great escape. Indulge in delectable Tibetan food and stay in rural homestays to unwind from all that wedding stress you’ve been carrying. As you search for nirvana, let go of all your worries in each other’s arms.

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