There are tech shows and then there is CES, the big daddy of them all. With over 3,600 companies from 150 countries showcasing their products, it was a treat to the 6,000 plus media members who attended, including me. The 165,000 plus attendees? Well they had an absolute blast too, thanks to being able to experience the future of everything from VR and drones to 3D audio, wearables, toys and more. Here are 7 things we loved at CES 2016 and can’t wait to get our hands on this year. 2016’s gonna be good!


Sphero Forceband


Don’t you lie to us. You have tried to use the force at numerous occasions, only to fail miserably. But you didn’t stop hoping for a magic trick or a space-age gadget that would someday enable you to move things just with a convincingly wicked arm gesture. Well, consider your prayers answered. We too dropped our jaws when we witnessed the Sphero BB-8 being controlled, well only with hand gestures. Thanks to the new Sphero Forceband, and it works like a charm that can control the cutesy toy from the new Star Wars movie. Oh yes, we are getting one for sure.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 820AM

Qualcomm snapdragon 820- CES

This is the automotive version of the Snapdragon 820 chip and while the original will be first found inside the LeTV LeMax Pro, the 820AM will make it into upcoming vehicles, packing in tech in abundance. All of that will enable it to process a truck load of data as you drive, listen to music, access real-time maps via the interactive 4K screens. It is even capable of tracking the driver’s movements via sensors and cameras.

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Casio Smart Outdoor Watch

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch- CES

If you love adventure, it would be hard to resist this new dust kicker from Casio unveiled at CES 2016. It is water-resistant up to 50 metres and is packed with a pressure sensor along with a compass and accelerometer. When you wear it, during your next BMX ride, and topple off the bike, it will take the beating like a pro. Not so sure about you though. We expect this watch to hit Indian shores soon.

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LeTV LeMax Pro

LeTV LeMax Pro- CES

Lo and behold, here be the first-ever phone to sport Qualcomm’s latest inferno-spewing chipset – the 820. The LeTV Le Max Pro is poised to melt moons and quench your tech thirst for a feature-packed, cutting edge smartphone. Don’t believe us? Well how about an ultrasonic 3D finger-print scanner on the rear? That can accurately map your finger even if you happen to have bacon grease on your fingers. We have your attention now? The phone is huge, sporting a 6.3inch IPS LCD display, totting 2560 x 1440 pixels. Considering it features 4GB of RAM on the inside, along with the 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip, bleeding edge games should run smoother than butter.

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Saygus V Squared

Saygus V Squared- CES

With up to 464GB storage, 445ppi screen, 21 MP OIS Camera, wireless HD beaming, Harman Kardon sound, dual SIM, and waterproof capabilties, the V Squared wants to give nothing less than a black eye to the current crop of smartphones. Keep your money ready and enjoy the fight, eh?

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Xiro Explorer

Xiro Explorer- CES

One of the fewer drones at CES 2016 that looked cool as Schwarzenegger before he delivers a line. How else could this green and black mean machine drone manage to stand out between over hundreds of DJI clones? With adorably futuristic looks, the Xiro Explorer supports 3-axis stabilized gimbal technology that helps it shoot vibration-free videos. Since it features a modular construction, assembling and disassembling it should be done within minutes. We are truly excited about this new kid on the block and you buy one right now.

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Fibrum Pro

Fibrum Pro - CES

This is a positive move forward in making VR available to the masses since it was unveiled at CES 2016. At $129 (Rs. 8,750) the Fibrum Pro without doubt is budget friendly. When you pick it up, you will appreciate the fact that it is not bulky or confusing to use. If you have any smartphone in the 4-6 inch screen size range, with iOS, Android or Windows OS, you are good to go. We also love the way it takes care of great head tracking making the whole experience highly enjoyable. To download games, movies and apps head to their app store and VR away.

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