With the finale episode of Season 6 of Game of Thrones now done with, we can use the cliché to say that all good things come to an end. But why must the best thing to TV end so soon, right? If you feel like some serious withdrawal symptoms are coming on, then we have just the thing for you. We’ve put together a list of curated shows that will help you through this difficult time. Not all of them are historical, with dragons and dungeons to entertain you; but take your pick from these shows that mirror the power, passion, betrayal and brutality of Game of Thrones.
Rome lasts for all of two seasons, and was telecast almost a decade ago. Interestingly, this show had all the potential of Game of Thrones but was killed off too soon #IMHO. It’s the closest you’ll get to the gore and drama of your favourite show, but Rome holds its own in the visual effects department and has some great acting in the form of Kevin McKidd, Tobias Menzies and Ray Stevenson among others. Over and above that, the Machiavellian plot twists will remind you of Game of Thrones ever so often.  
Penny Dreadful
“I am not sure why this series has not been as big a hit as it should have been. It has a fantastic storyline and some A-list actors, like Casino Royale Bond girl Eva Green and Josh Hartnett,” critic Reagan Gavin Rasquinha says. Indeed, the horror-drama set in 19th century England draws upon historical characters like Dorian Gray from Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, Frankenstein and Jekyll and Hyde. This is a short three-season series, whose finale aired on June 19. Perfect time to binge-watch this underrated series full of monsters and mayhem.  
There’s so much to learn about Norse Mythology really. And when you mention Scandinavia, stunning scenery is a given. Vikings combines these two elements to showcase a powerful series about the rise of well, the Vikings during medieval times. You can imagine the parallels with Game of Thrones already, can’t you?  
The Last Kingdom
It is difficult not to fall in love with The Last Kingdom. The series tells a complicated story set in England, in 872, with anti-heroes galore. Power, betrayals and backstabbing form the core of this historical series that has twists to do Game of Thrones viewers proud (that’s you, BTW). And if you especially miss the gray monotone of GoT, this series will fix that up for you as well. #WinterIsHere Viewers have also pointed to its historical accuracy since its backed by BBC. Really, what more do you want?  
The Borgias
Okay, so the Borgias might not be the Lannisters, but this show about an Italian family living in the 16th century is definitely twisted in its own special way. From a brother-sister incest storyline to the power hungry family’s struggle with kings and in Rome (and a corrupt Pope to boot) is based on the lives of members of a real, prominent Renaissance-era family, with enough leeway of Hollywood creativity. The three-season series has Jeremy Irons playing the wicked Pope and is a treat to watch.  
Spartacus (Blood and Sand, Gods of the arena, Vengeance)
When you pair unabashed violence with a costume period drama and sprinkle it with lots of sex, you get, no, not Game of Thrones, but Spartacus. We give full credit to this series, which has managed to make the violence on Game on Thrones seem childish in comparison. Indeed, you might make Spartacus your new favourite series based on the brilliant acting, fabulous set pieces and the director’s propensity for showing violence in ways you never thought possible. As Rasquinha says, “No true Game of Thrones fan should pass up the chance of watching Spartacus.”  
The Bastard Executioner
The series starts off slowly but once its main characters are established, it really gets into a special groove. Created by the maker of Sons of Anarchy, the politics and power in the show develops in context of the gore that keeps rising with each episode until it reaches a crescendo in the finale. It’s no fun giving out spoilers, so we’ll just let you get on with the series. Go watch this now.


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