With the launch of IGTV, we look at 7 smartphones in India that offer the best video display, from Samsung and iPhone to Xiaomi and Vivo After several rumours of Instagram letting people post videos longer than a minute, Instagram announced a new way of consuming content on its platform by the way of IGTV. So what is IGTV? Well, let’s find out! IGTV, short for Instagram TV, is a new way to publish content for celebrities, social media stars or anyone else running an Instagram account for their followers. These videos are in a full screen vertical format which makes for an immersive viewing experience in today’s world of almost bezel-less devices. Also, contrary to conventional Instagram videos that were limited to 60 seconds, these videos can run for up to an hour. Although IGTV is available as a separate app on both iOS & Android, it is also built right into the Instagram app for added convenience. IGTV starts playing as soon as you open it and doesn’t require you to search for anything. The videos played are from creators or people you follow and others you might like based on your interest. To enable discovery, you can also swipe up and switch between “For You”, “Following”, “Popular” and “Continue Watching” tabs. Videos on IGTV can be reacted to with the usual comments and likes. IGTV also supports pre-set emoji reactions for quicker commenting. These videos can be shared via a direct link or via direct messaging. What remains to be seen is if this vertical watching experience manages to drive up engagement and live up to the expectations of consumers and creators alike. IGTV has already started to roll out for Android & iOS users and should reach everyone within a couple of weeks. Love watching videos on your phone? Here are 7 best phones that have great video displays:

Samsung S9+ 

Choosing the Samsung S9+ is a no-brainer when it comes to picking a phone that has a brilliant display. The South Korean company manufactures probably one of the best displays in the smartphone market. The 6.2-inch Infinity Display on the S9+, which is a QuadHD sAMOLED panel, offers vibrant colours, great sunlight legibility and high contrast ratio that make it pop! Like this article? Also read: 7 TVs to Watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup On

Vivo X21

Vivo X21 made quite some noise when it was announced, as it was the first phone with a fingerprint scanner under its display. In fact, the display of the X21 is still talked about. The 6.28-inch sAMOLED panel offers great colour accuracy and deep contrast levels. After all, this display was made by Samsung too!

iPhone X 

iPhone X changed the way displays looked and set a trend of notches that was followed by most other smartphone OEMs. The iPhone X has a 5.8-inch OLED display which is hands-down the best OLED panel on any smartphone. The X boasts of the highest colour accuracy and the brightest display on any smartphone. Like this article? Also read: Every Man Should Own These 10 Pairs of Jeans. And They’re Up To 70% Off

Sony Xperia XZ Premium 

Although overkill, if you really want a whopping 4K display on your phone then look no further than the XZ Premium. The XZ Premium stands to be the only device to have HDR support at 4K to make the most of video streaming services like IG TV and even Netflix. Apart from having the sharpest display, it also manages to perform well in bright ambient light condition.

Nokia 7 Plus 

The Nokia 7 Plus is one of the first Nokia devices to have taller displays for a more immersive experience. The 6-inch IPS LCD Full HD+ display is quite vivid and has really good blacks for an LCD display. It also offers great viewing angles and a very responsive touchscreen that lets you glide through the phone.

Mi Max 2 

Mi Max 2 makes for an incredible phone if you love to consume media and content on your smartphone. The 6.44-inch LCD panel used by Xiaomi offers excellent viewing angles, accurate colours and some really good sunlight legibility. You can also adjust the contrast levels according to your convenience. For the asking price, you’re really getting a lot out of this one.

Honor 7X 

Although the 5.9-inch 1080p LCD display on the 7X won’t win any awards, it’s one of the better displays for its price out there. It has a bright display without almost any bezels which enriches the user experience. Colour reproduction on the 7X is also pretty good which further contributes to it being one of the best display phones in its range. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com