Let’s admit it – riding a cycle in the confines of an air-conditioned gym is the worst thing ever (after GoT spoilers on Facebook, of course!). Instead, rent a bike and hit the road; there’s a whole list of benefits to cycling that we’re going to share with you that will make you put the pedal to the metal.  

It Helps Build Muscle

Cycling is a much more relaxed way to build muscles. Yep, that’s true. While the cardiovascular benefits are known to us, the benefits of building muscles are not known to many. Urmi Kothari, a certified Nike instructor and founder of Kinetic Living explains, “One can build muscles with the help of interval cycling – it basically means going fast for a set amount of time and then going slowly. This is great for anyone who wants a different approach to building muscles.” #GreatNews  

It Helps Your Waistline

Cycling is a great weight loss option. It’s also a less strenuous way of putting pressure on your body to get results because it’s a low-impact exercise. Kothari says that just the fact that your knees aren’t under as much pressure as when you run makes cycling a much more attractive option. “It also aids by increasing your metabolism and reducing your waistline,” she adds.  

It Keeps You Mentally Fit

Perhaps the best thing about cycling is that its benefits go beyond the physical realm. Cycling is a moderate exercise that has been shown to help with mental health issues like stress, depression and anxiety.  

It Strengthens Your Immune System

Cycling seems to have a positive impact on our body’s resistance. Some studies have even linked protection against certain kinds of cancer.  

It Builds Lower Body Strength

As you grow older, you may not be able to climb as many steps or keep your back straight for long periods of time. If, however, you’re a cyclist, you will help yourself by building lower body strength – a habit that will stand you in good stead.   Like this article? Also read: 5 Ways To Stay Cool While Working Out Outdoors When It's Hot, Hot, HOT  

It Increases Your Life Span

Want to live longer and avoid problems like diabetes and blood pressure? Just adding three sessions of 45 minutes-worth of cycling to your weekly schedule has been found to turn you at least nine years younger according to a study conducted by King’s College, London.  

It Can Boost Your Sex Life

Cycling helps to improve your heart’s ability to pump more oxygen into your cells. The resulting effect is a sex drive that even Joey from Friends would be proud of. Now, if that doesn’t convince you to cycle, we honestly don’t know what will!


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