What do you give someone who already has everything? Choosing a gift for a celebrity must be a very tricky task, so you can only imagine the kind of attention to detail required when picking out that perfect birthday cake. Fortunately, for every picky celebrity, there’s an equally talented cake designer. Here are 7 of India’s most talented cake designers who are often called upon by the stars of Bollywood to come up with something magical to mark a special occasion.

If they’re good enough for Ranveer Singh, they’re good enough for us!

After seeing this, it’s no wonder the celebration cake for Tubelight was from here.

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Le 15 Patisserie has been making waves in Bollywood circles for years.

This Delhi-based cake designer provided the cake for Shahid Kapoor’s wedding.

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A cake for every occasion, including a cheeky take on a black-tie event.

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Shikha Murarka is a master sugar crafter, and Vidya Balan’s birthday cake designer.

In case you’re wondering, yes, that golden rose is completely edible. Stunning!

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