The world’s most anticipated sporting event kicks off this month. The 2018 FIFA World Cup, taking place in Russia, is expected to grab eyeballs of more than 100 million viewers in India this season! And while not everyone is lucky enough to fly there to see the drama unfurl live, one can still enjoy watching a match right at home. If you’re one of them, and looking to upgrade your current TV, now is the perfect time for you to make the change. Here’s a list of TVs – available at different price points and offers - that we think are the best to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup on.  

Samsung (55") 4K LED Smart TV

Here’s another sweet TV from Samsung that definitely packs a punch. The 55-inch 4K Ultra HD TV brings to life every colour, vividly. And did we mention just how good looking this TV is? Although we’re uncertain about whether Germany will lift the Cup again, but we’re pretty sure that it’ll be a pleasure to catch a match on this TV.  

Panasonic (49") 4K UHD LED Smart TV

This TV might just be your best option if you want to enjoy the World Cup on a gorgeous 4K screen, albeit on a budget. The TV sports a Super Bright IPS LED panel that makes content look crisper and vibrant. Also, it uses a Hexa Chrome Drive (6-base colours) that delivers images that seem to leap out from the screen. Coming from Panasonic, it won’t be surprising if this TV still stands well for the next World Cup.  

Onida (50") 4K LED Smart TV

4K? Check. Beautiful design? Check. Affordable? Double check. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get a clearer view of your football heroes on TV. This Onida TV offers some really good visuals and backs it with equally exciting sound thanks to its in-built dual speakers. Also, it comes native with Android OS and a remote with a QWERTY keyboard for easier use.  

Samsung (40") 4K LED TV

Samsung 40KU6000 is the answer if you want 4K goodness in a smaller footprint. It packs all the goodness you’d come to expect from a Samsung TV. Excellent picture quality, HDR-enabled panel, Samsung’s Smart Hub (to access a suite of apps and online services) and excellent brightness levels are all included in this piece of art.  

Sanyo (55") 4K LED Smart TV

This is another TV that you should consider while you’re buying a 4K TV on a budget. The trusted Japanese company is sure to please you with its excellent visuals and clarity. The in-built speakers that feature Dolby Audio technology will surely fill your room with ‘stadium cheers’. Also, it comes with all the bells & whistles you’d expect from a Smart TV.  

VU (43") 4K LED Smart TV

Want to watch the World Cup on a 4K panel, but on a budget? We reckon you should consider what VU has to offer. An aesthetically-designed frame complements the vibrant display that just pops colours. VU’s SmartOS also allows you to seamlessly access services like YouTube and Netflix with the touch of a button. Rest assured about having a wonderful experience watching the World Cup even on a smaller footprint.  

TCL (39") Full HD LED TV

TCL is known to make some really good affordable TV sets and the D2900 is no different. It’s one of the only TVs to offer a Full HD display in its price range. Although its performance won’t blow your socks off, it’ll definitely give you value for your money. To make spectating more immersive, it also supports surround sound with the help of its two inbuilt speakers.   Image Courtesy: