Sometime early tomorrow morning, the world will be forced to endure a live performance of the #terribad official song of the 2016 Olympics. It wasn’t always like this. In the past, there have been some great Olympics theme songs – tracks that could inspire a generation and would make us want to dig deep within ourselves and be the best we could be. Here are some of the best Olympics songs from the past:  

One Moment In Time, Whitney Houston

Most people consider this to be the quintessential Olympic anthem. It was written for the 1988 Seoul Olympics and went on to become one of her best-loved songs. A huge song from a singer with a huge voice.  

Hand In Hand, Koreana

Nobody’s entirely sure why a bilingual Korean band came up with a song that’s so unapologetically 80s, but we’re glad they did! The song was sung in English and Korean, during the 1988 Seoul games, with the sort of enthusiasm many Olympic athletes would be hard-pressed to muster up.  

Power Of The Dream, Celine Dion

This song was written for the 1996 Atlanta games, but everyone agrees that it was written primarily for Celine Dion. Who else but the woman whose voice sunk the Titanic could do justice to such a lung-busting and powerful song?  

Reach, Gloria Estefan

Also written for the 1996 Atlanta games, Reach is a soaring and inspiring power ballad that will make you want to stand up and reach for the sky every time Estefan’s voice reaches that signature crescendo of hers.  

Barcelona, Freddie Mercury & Monserrat Caballé

This is our favourite Olympic song, but we may just be biased because our love for all things Freddie Mercury knows no bounds. When opera star Monserrat Caballé was approached to record an Olympic anthem for the 1992 Barcelona games, she turned to the Queen frontman for a collaboration and the result is this awe-inspiring blend of rock, pop and opera.  

Survival, Muse

Muse seems like the perfect fit for the Olympics with their signature big sound. That’s evident almost immediately from the explosive choir and drums in the song. Just don’t pay too much attention to the somewhat juvenile lyrics.  

Amigos Para Siempre, Sarah Brightman & Jose Carreras

When it rains, it pours – written for the 1992 Barcelona games, the song went on to become an all-time favourite of the former IOC chairperson, Juan Antonio Samaranch, to the extent that it was even played at his funeral. Fun fact: This song was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber.


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