Are you suffering from baby-face syndrome? Does your fully-grown beard make you look like a character out of Teen Wolf? Do you feel like you’ve draped the Invisibility Cloak every time you try to make a point at a meeting? Well, let’s face it. Yes you will be eighteen till you die, but please forgive me, you might have to put in that little extra effort to dress up in the morning (read one less pint the night before). Here are some fool proof ideas that’ll make people mistake you for the boss at your workplace. You’re welcome. One

The Quintessential White Shirt

You can never go wrong with a classic white shirt, even if you throw it over a pair of denims. Make sure it is well-ironed and if it’s got that dirty tinge of yellow, discard it right away. For max results, pair it with black formal trousers or khaki chinos.  

Six Smell Good

Nobody wants to have a conversation with a man who smells like an ashtray. Smoke-sodden clothes and hair is a big no-no for office. Wash up, put on a cologne (not too overpowering though) and chew on some mint maybe.   Three

Shoes Maketh the Man

There’s nothing more putting off than a man in flip-flops showing up to work. Yes we know you’d rather be in Hawaii than at this boring client meeting but hey, the others don’t need to. Invest in just one pair of brogues that are a good balance of investment banker meets graphic designer.  

Two Watch It

A chunky timepiece can make you look more professional. It’s a sign of a classy man, someone who will probably go to play a round of golf with his mates followed by a degustation on his private yacht (even if all you’re going to probably do is play some PS and eat pizza post work).  

Four Carry It Well

Please ditch that dirty canvas satchel that looks like it has seen two World Wars. A good leather messenger bag or backpack for your laptop would be a great start to being taken seriously.  

Five Body Language

Know your strengths and work on them. You don’t have to be the loudest in the room but you can still get your point across by articulating your ideas instead of just blurting them out mindlessly. Look interested, attentive and involved. A few cups of black coffee should help curb the urge to yawn incessantly.