She was just 11 years old when she stood up to the Talibanis in Pakistan. She was only a school girl determined to continue her education in a province where women were consigned indoors and all forms of information and education were controlled. For her troubles she got a bullet in her face. But Malala Yousufzai survived. She not only survived, she came out stronger than before. She was moved to England for intensive care treatment and as her story broke across the world, there was an outbreak of support for her. Today Malala is a staunch advocate for women's rights, in addition to right to education and human rights advocacy. At age 17, she also became the youngest Nobel laureate in the world, sharing the award with Kaqilash Satyarthi from India. Her birthday or Malala Day as it has been renamed, is an opportunity for us girls to re-examine our own lives and see how it could be impacted by her. Here's six inspirational quotes by Malala which every girl should swear by. Malala-01  Malala-02-02Malala-03   Like this article? Also read: The Dependables: Quotes From India's Most Inspiring Leaders   Malala-04 Malala-05 Malala-06


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