Let's admit it, we all love pretty lingerie but shopping for the perfect bra, could really be a nightmare. The perfect lingerie could really make you feel good and confident about yourself. Investing in the right sized bra is an absolute must-have as it could either make or break your outfit. You sure don't want your bra to ruin the look of your favourite dress, right? So, we've got you a curated list of bras that are pretty enough for every outfit you own. You'll absolutely want to grab 'em all! Here's what we recommend:

A T-shirt Bra

lingerie 3
This is your go-to everyday bra. It's perfect for your casuals and would definitely keep you comfortable all day long. Buying multiples of this one is definitely going to keep you sorted for a long time.

A Long-line Bra

lingerie 6
Also known as a posture bra, longline bras are known to be extremely supportive and seamlessly shapes the torso. It's perfect to wear with an evening gown or a cocktail dress.

A Flesh Toned Bra

lingerie 2
If you had to choose one bra that would never fail to disappoint, it would be this beige coloured bra. You could pair it with just about any outfit and is extremely comfortable as well.

A Wide Strap Bra

lingerie 4
Bras with broad or wide straps give you maximum comfort and is also perfect for the woman who loves some extra support. It could be worn under your casuals or a tunic and you'll surely be comfortable thrpoughout.

A Sexy Lace Bra

lingerie 1
On days when you feel like ditching your casual bra and want to spice things up, this bra is your perfect pick. It's colourful and would go with most of your outfits. It could also be worn under your favourite strapless dress.

A Multi-way Plunge Bra

lingerie 5
A plunge bra is perfect for that evening dress with a low neckline. It's specially designed for a v-neck top or dress when you want comfort while keeping it neat. It also features multi-way straps that could come handy when you wear different outfits. Like this article? Also read: Bras you can sleep in