The iPhone 7 is almost here and we’re so excited! We can’t wait to get our hands on Apple’s latest phone – including the wireless earphones – to see just how good this revolutionary phone is. As usual, however, the same nonsense that’s always posted online whenever Apple announces a new iPhone will rear its ugly head again. There will be haters and fanboys going toe-to-toe on social media about every single aspect of the phone. This year, don’t even bother reading through any of it because we’ve compiled a guide that covers everything that will be said on social media during this launch. This is our guide to the 6 types of people you’ll see during every iPhone launch from now until the end of time.  

The Hater

01 6 types of people iPhone

So you don’t have an iPhone? Then why are you sending me this message from Thane and not Bangkok?  

The Fanboy

02 6 types of people iPhone

  Hey, we all know the phone is good. Even a lot of Android users secretly admit that the iPhones are pretty great. But let’s reel it back a little, okay? It’s just a phone.  

The Mother Teresa

03 6 types of people iPhone

Please. The last time you gave to charity was when you tweeted 4 times for your free Coldplay tickets, so let’s not pretend you’re changing the world out here, okay?  

Bill Gates Ka Baap

04 6 types of people iPhone

Bro, the most customization you’ve ever done for your Android was to load a new launcher and move some files into folders. Please don’t behave like you’ve given tuition to Bill Gates.  

The Tech Historian

05 6 types of people iPhone

Yes. And you’re just saying the same thing that 5 million people have said before you. What’s your point? Welcome to 2016, friend. Things take time to perfect.  

The Average User

06 6 types of people iPhone

It really is this simple with most iPhone users. All they want is a phone that just works without any hassles.


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