Fashion trends instantly become hits when they are consumer friendly. But a strong judgment from an ace fashion designer, stylist or celebrity can hamper the growing trend in ways that are unimaginable. Well, trends also depend on how they suit a certain body type and how someone chooses to wear it and though that’s highly subjective, there have been some trends that have the fashion world polarized. While we are part of the lot that follows fashion to look good, the other technically sound people might have negative views towards trends and here are five such picks.

1. Midi or mid-calf length

Many from the fashion world described this trend as an unflattering length while others were of the opinion that it was the perfect length for 40-year-olds and above to sport. The midi skirt is a comfortable length to carry off in office without too much skin show and yet, it’s deemed unfit as it makes the ankles look thick and the legs look short. The debate is never-ending but many have embraced this trend and rocked it like never-before.

2. Overalls / Dungrees

Overalls became the in thing having taken influence from peasant dresses of the 60s. They seamlessly fitted into the wardrobe of young girls who wanted the more casual yet trendy vibe. Teamed with white sneakers and a crop top, you cannot look bad in overalls no wonder they have become fashion favourites. But fashionistas are of the opinion that overalls look unflattering especially from the crotch area giving unwanted attention to some parts of the body. Many even despise this trend as visually unpleasing.

3. Tunic Tops

Most people are of the opinion that tunics are a very Indian phenomenon and a top of that length just doesn’t exist. It’s either a kurta, a dress or a top but this amalgamation of the three has given birth to the tunic tops that are worn beneath leggings and on most occasions look atrocious. Although common people who don’t give fashion and its fierce trends as much importance have embraced the tunic tops for its comfort and convenience.

4. Crop Tops

crop top
The crop top trend has taken over the fashion world and while most people love it many have discouraged its wear as it doesn’t flatter every body type. For instance a plus size girl wearing a crop top will end up revealing the unflattering parts of her midriff while a crop top worn on low waist denims will just make for an unappealing look. The war over crop tops is on, and we are not sure which side the tables will turn.

5. Culottes

Culottes are cut-off palazzos that are extremely comfortable to sport. But while they’ve been changing the fashion scene with its easy-going vibe many don’t understand where it came from. It’s an ankle length pant so why call it culottes? Designers also find it difficult to team culottes with appropriate upper wear that won’t look misplaced. But once you’ve got it right, this trend is a blessing and oh, so comfy! Like this article? Also read: These Are The Items I Threw Out Of My Closet And You Should Too Image courtesy: Shutterstock