Whether it’s that sneaky purchase during your lunch hour or spending the weekend in your PJs browsing through your favourite e-store, chances are that you are a victim of online shopping. But are you doing it right? Browse through our checklist of top tips and become a pro.

Know your sizes like the back of your hand

It helps save the trouble of constant exchanges and oh, will also prevent that heart-sinking disappointment when an outfit doesn’t fit right. Double check the size chart before adding anything to cart. Also, most sites mention the model’s measurements as well as the size she’s wearing; so that should help you determine your size as well.
"Before you dive into the World-Wide web of fashion, it is extremely important to know your body type and exact measurements. This will speed up your shopping process and maintain the accuracy on the delivery of your purchase," says designer and entrepreneur Pernia Qureshi.

Don’t pay for shipping

Now this one is just a criminal waste of money. Scout for sites that offer free shipping and stick to them. If a certain site is offering free shipping after you hit a certain billing amount, then round up your girls and place a joint order.


Compare, compare, compare

Looking for a white peplum top or a floral midi? There’s bound to be several sites offering a plethora of items that fit the bill. So don’t commit before you’ve scoured the web for all available options. Compare prices, sizes, quality, delivery time and more to get the best bang for your buck.

Sign up for newsletters

"You may feel lazy to do this, but always sign up/register the first time you shop on a website. This makes your future shopping experiences quicker and seamless," says designer Payal Singhal.
Yes, having a flooded inbox is a downside, but it will be well worth it. More often than not, the best deals are bound to land up in your inbox. So sign up to receive newsletters from your favourite brands. You’ll be happy you did so when you get that email about the super exclusive secret sale. Can you say score?

Read the fine print

Online shopping cannot replace the brick and mortar experience of actually touching, seeing and trying an item before taking the plunge. So be doubly sure to read the composition and care instructions before you click buy. Also read up on delivery time and return/refund policies so that you’re making an informed purchase.