Okay gentlemen, I suggest you sit up and hear me out now. Just like any other single millennial, my evening plans usually involve Netflix and Tinder (ain’t no shame in admitting it, folks). Newsflash: we are a jaded generation, one that’s traded true love for “likes” and swipes, and as such, Tinder is where we’re looking for the right “match”. If virtual reality is in fact our reality, we might as well look good while living it. So without further ado, I’m going to womansplain the perks of getting your Tinder picture right. Be ready to be swept (right) off your feet. PS: This is for you, Shirtless Gym Selfie guy. Tinder profile pic

Wear a GODDAMN shirt!

Sure, not everyone is on Tinder looking for. Sometimes you’re just looking for a Netflix-and-chill date. But here’s the deal – ripped abs or not, we are NOT interested in your gym selfie. You work out? Good for you! That’s not incentive enough to swipe right, though. So do us a favour, go home and put on a shirt. Tinder profile pic

Make that a white shirt

While you’re at it, make it a casual white shirt—rolled up sleeves, maybe teamed with classic blue jeans. That’s the kind of cool nonchalance you want to portray. A white shirt is always a winner—even when you’re out on a Tinder date. Do me a favour though, don’t try to spill water on it (yes, it HAS happened). Something are better left to the imagination. Seriously. Tinder profile pic

Accessorise right

By which I mean, ditch the baby. Or the cigarette. I know you want me to think you’re the man of my dreams (good boy or bad), but let me go through the trouble of finding that out for myself. If you have to pose with a prop, make it a dog—or a kitten! Oooh, kittens! Tinder profile pic

Lose the tie, maybe?

And the suit. We like a guy in a suit and it’s good to know you clean up well. But reserve the suave charm for our eyes only, George. Clooney, I meant Clooney. Tinder profile pic

Write a Bio

Your mug (pretty or not) can only take you so far. Take the time out and write a bio, dude. And while you’re at it, be a little imaginative. Every second person is an entrepreneur, that has never been a Darwin-approved trait we seek out. We’d really like to know you better.   Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com; Images via Tinder