Fashion is all about fabric, trends and style. But sometimes this recipe is peppered with some controversy that etches the dress in your memory forever. Here are 5 times fashion stirred controversies in India that weren’t easily forgotten.

1. Wrong fashion photo shoots

Raj Shetye Vogue has gotten enough flak for doing photo shoots on controversial topics. The Wrong turn was one such photo shoot that took inspiration from the Nirbhaya gang rape case that shook the nation, only the models were well-dressed and the episode glamourised. This had various sections of the society angered and against it. In the past too (2008), vogue has received criticism for their pictures of new India in a photo shoot that had impoverished Indians carrying items from high-end brands that they would probably never be able to afford. This was termed distasteful. Image courtesy: Raj Shetye, BBC

2. Heavily pregnant model walks the ramp

Indian top model #CarolGracias walked the ramp for #GaurangShah pregnant at the India Fashion Week. 🌟

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At Lakme Fashion Week 2016, Indian supermodel Carol Gracias walked the ramp with elan for Hyderabad based designer Gaurang Shah. But that wasn’t she made headlines. Carol was heavily pregnant and didn’t shy away from the stage due to her baby bump. In stead she flaunted it in a low-waist saree and walked the ramp with grace. She then posed for the shutterbugs too leaving everyone at first shocked and happy to have begun a new trend in the Indian fashion industry that is slowly but surely accepting pregnant models. Nevertheless, this move stirred a debate and made to coffee table conversations for quite long thereafter.

3. When the Indian flag was worn

mandira Mandira Bedi will forever be known to be the woman who glamourised cricket for Indians. But Mandira who co-hosted the cricket show once wore a sari designed by Puneet Nanda for Satya Paul that had flags of all countries on it. The problem was that the Indian flag happen to be right at the bottom near her thighs. This didn’t go down well with many and she was criticized for wearing the same. She finally had to apologise. Image Cortesy: Pinkvilla

4. Super models dared to bare

In the 1995 super models Madhu Sapre and Milind Soman did the unthinkable. They posed nude for a magazine photo shoot for turf shoes. The add got published but was banned soon after and was part of several controversies, debates and protests. The models were also blamed for promoting obscenity and unhealthy actions.

5. When the PM of India wore a name suit

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi bought the entire nation into a tizzy when he wore a suit worth Rs. 10 lakh to meet the US president Barack Obama. The suit was special of course because it had the PMs name sewn on it several hundred times. The actual print was Narendra Damodar Modi and people had a field day discussing Modi’s style and his newest customized suit. Modi has always managed to make news with his fashion sense but this one took it a notch higher and certainly stuck to the controversy board for long. Image Courtesy: InstagramShutterstock