Voltas, the Indian cooling appliances brand, and Beko, the international home appliance company, have partnered to bring to India a line of smart, sleek appliances.

VoltasBeko’s smart refrigerators combine function with form – they’re built using state-of-the-art technology, and each unit is designed along clean, minimal lines in brushed steel and matte finishes.

Updated features include reversible doors, LED illumination, an electronic display panel and an anti-bacterial gasket. But what really makes VoltasBeko fridges worth considering are these 5 technologies that provide better cooling, thus keeping food fresher, longer.

Smart Feature: StoreFresh Technology

VoltasBeko’s StoreFresh technology keeps vegetables and fruits fresh for up to a month. How does it work? This technology keeps the temperature fluctuation to a minimum and maintains precise moisture levels in the crisper drawer. Like this article? Also read: How AI Is Transforming Mobile Tech & Our Lives

Smart Feature: Active Fresh Blue Light

To maintain the goodness of vegetables and fruits, this blue light feature is designed to simulate natural lighting conditions inside the refrigerator. This helps veggies to carry on photosynthesis long after they’re placed in there.

Smart Feature: IonGuard & FreshGuard Technology

The average Indian fridge will smell of masalas and pickles, combined with the smell of veggies, both fresh and old – sometimes, an unappetizing experience. To battle this, the FreshGuard feature make use of a specially-coated filter and UV LEDs that removes up to 90% of odor. The fridge is also capable of producing negative ions which neutralize bacteria, viruses and other odor-emitting particles. Like this article? Also read: Printed Kurtas That Will See You Into The New Year

Smart Feature: NeoFrost Dual Cooling

VoltasBeko fridges make use of two separate cooling circuits to create ideal conditions for the freezer and the refrigerator individually. This helps in cooling both the compartments faster, maintaining the correct temperature and humidity levels, and not mixing odors between different compartments.

Smart Feature: ProSmart Inverter Compressor

There are three things that VoltasBeko fridges nail with the help of the ProSmart Inverter Compressor - faster cooling, lower energy consumption and 4x quieter operation. The smart cooling system of the refrigerator adapts to changing conditions to minimize the temperature fluctuations inside. Like this article? Also read: How the Evolution of the TV has Changed Our Viewing Experience Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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