It’s that time of the year again – Raksha Bandhan. A time when sisters across the country celebrate their love for their brothers and the brothers, in turn, swear to protect their sisters come what may. Things have changed over the years, of course, and sisters aren’t so much in need of protection these days. Hell, my sister regularly gets rid of lizards while I make travel plans to leave the country in favour of some place decidedly less reptilian. Maybe this is proof that Raksha Bandhan needs to evolve into a more modern context. With that in mind, we take a look at some of the most famous badass sisters we know to tell you why not everyone needs their brother’s protection.  

Priyanka Gandhi Doesn’t Need Rahul

priyanka gandhi badass sister

To be fair, though, who does? Despite many insiders and people in the know calling for Priyanka to take over leadership of the party from her less-than-capable brother, she has already stated that she has no intention of playing a part in politics and that she is content serving the people in her chosen capacity.  We just hope that Rahul, too, announces that he wants to spend his political career working behind the scenes. Way, way, behind the scenes.  

Randi Zuckerburg Doesn’t Need Mark

randi zuckerberg badass sister

An advertiser by profession, she was a power player at Ogilvy & Mather before she took went on to lead the marketing team and act as spokesperson for an up-and-coming website; you may have heard of it – Facebook. But that wasn’t the end of her story – in 2011, driven by a desire to be her own boss, she founded Zuckerberg Media, a social media firm. However, we secretly believe that she left in frustration because her brother didn’t have the conviction to install a ‘dislike’ button.   Like this article? Also read: More Than Laughs: 5 Life Hacks From Superwoman  

Ekta Kapoor Doesn’t Need Tusshar

ekta and tusshar

Ekta Kapoor doesn’t deserve all the hate that she gets. She’s made it in a male-dominated field and has become one of the biggest players in Bollywood today. At the same time, it’s tough to forgive her for giving her brother, Tusshar, a career. We’re not saying that he doesn’t have a right to work, but he could have been literally anything else (okay, maybe not anything since he doesn’t seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed) Instead, we have to watch him aa-oh his way onto our screens for the rest of time.  

Mallika Sarabhai Doesn’t Need Kartikeya

mallika sarabhai is a badass sisters

Their father, Vikram Sarabhai, was a renowned scientist and the father of India’s space programme, so it was always destined that his children would reach for the stars. While Kartikeya Sarabhai has contributed greatly to the promotion of Science in India and has even been awarded a Padma Shri award for his work in Environmental Education, his sister Mallika has become one of the leading activists in the country who is famous for using the arts in social change and education. Unlike her brother, she took a decidedly anti-establishment stance. Despite facing stiff opposition from a vast number of detractors she has proved that, when it comes to social transformation, all that matters is personal conviction and the ability to persevere in the face of great odds.  

Dinara Safina Doesn’t Need Marat

dinara safin badass sister

Dinara and Marat Safin have achieved something that no other sibling duo has achieved in the history of tennis – both were ranked No. 1 in the world at different times. Measuring an impressive 6’2”, Dinara dominated the baseline between 2007 and 2009, even picking up an Olympic silver at the 2008 games. We like to think that Dinara helped her older brother learn to control his temper and find inner peace after his retirement from the sport – it is rumoured that Marat had broken over 1000 racquets in anger over the course of his career.


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