If you are under the impression that stretching is only for runners and gymnasts, it’s time to bust that myth. Keeping aside 5 mins in your day to just stand up and stretch may help you stay fit all your life. Its basic, simple yet powerful at the same time. When you combine it with the right breathing techniques and learn to ease into every posture, you end up feeling relaxed, calm and stress free. So whether you are at home working on your laptop all through the day or lead an active lifestyle, stretching is a healthy habit to take up. Ahead, we list five reasons why you should start this practice right away.

Increases flexibility

Stretching regularly makes your muscles more flexible. This helps you to take over your day to day activities with much more ease, enabling you to be more active and healthier. It also reduces the mobility issues that arises with age.

Improves blood circulation

Keeping up with stretching helps in improved blood flow to your muscles. This helps not just in preventing muscle soreness but also promotes fast recovery from any injury.

Reduces and prevents back pain

Sitting at a place for long during work hours often causes back pain among office goers. The easiest way to prevent it and also reduce pain is by dedicating time to stretching.

Relieves stress

One of the reasons for stress can be tense muscles. This is because in response to emotional and physical stress, your muscles often tend to tighten up causing uneasiness. When you stretch, you loosen up your muscles and feel better instantly.

Calms your mind

Stretching has proved to have more than just physical effect. It even helps in clearing your mind and gives it a break. When you join stretching programs, you can combine it with meditation and mindfulness to attain a calm mind.