Everyone gets their share of 24 hours in a day. But how we choose to use it is what makes us all different from one another. Currently, as we have all settled into the work from home culture, it gotten difficult to be at our productive best. Work takes over much of our daytime, and the rest is spent doing other chores. Learning more about time management, improving concentration, tackling stress positively, effective decision making etc. will help us to move past this daily rut and boost your self-development skills. Ahead, we put together 6 essential online courses by top leaders who share their tips and tricks to help you improve yourself to be more productive each day.

Productivity and Time Management for the overwhelmed

We often fall into the ‘So much to do, yet so little time’ zone. We panic, we think about the approaching deadlines and end up being extremely overwhelmed. To help us manage our time better and increase productivity, this course by Udemy is extremely useful. This course will help you understand your problem areas, implement new strategies and create a personal plan that will suit your personality and lifestyle.

Start course here - https://www.udemy.com/course/productivity-and-time-management/

Managing stress for positive change

Work relates stress is often seen in a negative light. But this amazing course from LinkedIn Learning has some very fascinating insights to share. Instructor Heidi Hanna, Senior Researcher at the Brain Health Initiative shares her knowledge on using stress to fuel positive changes. Learn to train yourself to use stress in effective ways so that you can assess and adjust it. Managers can find important tips to create a positive environment at workplace so that each employee can achieve the larger goal.

Start course here - https://www.linkedin.com/learning/managing-stress-for-positive-change/welcome

The value of working remotely

Coach Mike Gutman from FlexJobs will change the way you look at working from home in this course. You will be learning how to unlock the power of working remotely. You do not lose time in commuting and get to work from a place that makes you the most comfortable. As you move further into the course, learn more about structuring your day, avoiding distractions, connecting with your other remote colleagues and feeling one with the organization even while sitting miles apart.

Start course here - https://www.linkedin.com/learning/remote-work-foundations/the-value-of-working-remotely

Productivity: Prioritizing at work

On a day to day basis, what boosts your productivity to a large extent is knowing how to prioritize your work. This course made on Lynda.com, created by Mindcraft, teaches you the a to z of prioritizing. From learning how to arrange your work according to its importance to creating the right questions from your to-do lost, give your usual workday a boost of productivity by enhancing your focus, asking the right questions and approaching each task with clarity. The course also introduces you to the concept of creating attention paths to create positive results.

Start course here - https://www.lynda.com/Business-tutorials/Productivity-Prioritizing-Work/2823512-2.html

Effective problem-solving and decision making

Rob Stone from the University of California has designed a thought-provoking course on Coursera about problem solving and decision making. We often find ourselves losing time, energy and resources answering critical questions at work. This happens when we do not approach the problem in the correct manner. This course helps you use scientific methods and logical reasoning in solving issues. Learn how to dodge common obstacles, asses problems accurately and evaluate alternative solutions with confidence.

Start course here -  https://www.coursera.org/learn/problem-solving

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