If you are still hurting from the demonetization drive and wondering if it’s worth vacationing abroad, we have some good news for you. This is perhaps the only bit of good news regarding the Indian rupee in a long time; we’ve combed through forex data to give you five diverse holiday destinations to choose from in countries where the rupee has more bang for the buck, when compared to 2016. We’re not including violence-prone regions such as Venezuela and Yemen in this list because safety trumps travelling cheap. The UK doesn’t count as well. Because we’ve told you why you should visit the country already.  


Exchange rate: 1 Egyptian Pound = Rs 3.8 The Indian rupee has appreciated by a whopping 55 percent over the Egyptian Pound in the past year. In 2016 it would have cost Rs 8.6 to buy a single Egyptian pound, but the ancient history of Egypt and its magnificent pyramids, Nile cruise and Red Sea areas look to be a far better economical bet right now. While the political situation is far from ideal, the country is still looking to attract tourists to increase its GDP. Going now means you can take a picture of the Giza pyramids without a hundred other tourists photobombing you.  

Sri Lanka

02 sri lanka cheap destinations for indians 2017

Exchange rate: 1 Sri Lankan Rupee = Rs 0.45 There’s a reason Sri Lanka is turning into the new Goa – bargain rates have gotten even cheaper over the past year. The Indian rupee has appreciated by a modest two percent against the Sri Lankan rupee but given the popularity of the country, it means you can stretch your money even further than you thought you would. Whether it’s the Buddhist triangle, windswept Galle fort or the emerging Jaffna region, the teardrop-shaped country is bound to give a lot of joy to Indian travellers in 2017.  


03 malaysia cheap destinations for indians 2017

Exchange rate: 1 Malaysian Ringgit = Rs 15.2 The good news just keeps coming for Indians as far as Malaysia is concerned. In 2016, Malaysia allowed Indians to travel with e-visa even as its currency kept on declining against the Indian rupee. Over the last one year, the Malaysian Ringgit has lost over 15 percent of its value compared to the Indian rupee. From the vertiginous heights of Kuala Lumpur to pristine rainforests in Kota Kinabalu and culinary wonders of George Town, there has never been a better time to visit Malaysia than today.  


04 argentina cheap destinations for indians 2017

Exchange rate: 1 Argentinian Peso = Rs 4.3 Granted, the airfare to Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires can make you tear your hair apart. But consider this: the Indian rupee has gained 37 percent over Argentina’s currency since 2016. The country’s debt problems have seen the currency slump to historical levels, making travel options seem alluring for the first time in years. The huge country can be visited for its beautiful cities such as Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza et al, and for its natural highlights such as the Iguazu Falls and awe-inspiring glaciers. Remember never to use cards (for the outrageous fees charged by banks) and exchange money with caution across the country.  


05 phillipines cheap destinations for indians 2017

Exchange rate: 1 Philippine Peso = Rs 1.3 You could spend a lifetime and yet never be able to visit Philippines’ 7,000-plus islands. With the rise of the rupee’s purchasing power though, you can definitely add a couple of days to your Philippines itinerary. A bump of 3.4 percent over the Philippine peso gives you more reasons to disconnect and spend your days unwinding at Palawan’s dreamy beaches, hiking up to Bohol’s chocolate mountains or simply taking in the urban sprawl of capital, Manila. Just keep an eye out for President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug-cleansing drive to stay on the safer side. (All forex information, including historical data, sourced from www.xe.com


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