It’s difficult to believe but ACP Pradyuman has a real name – Shivaji Satam. It’s even more difficult to believe that Satam has time to do anything else apart from being part of CID as he has been for the past 19 years. The series, which will be two decades old on January 21, 2017, has inspired Satam’s viewing habits outside the crime fiction show of which he has been an integral part since the beginning. So on the occasion of National Police Day, celebrated on October 21 every year, we decided to get India’s foremost investigative expert (on TV) to reveal his favourite crime movies and TV shows. Satam tells us what he enjoys watching in this exclusive chat with#QueMag.  

Mississippi Burning

The gritty 1988 crime-thriller starring Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe is based on the FBI’s investigation of the murder of three civil rights workers in Mississippi in 1964. Despite being ostracized by the community and stiff opposition from the Ku Klux Klan, the duo must investigate the killings before they themselves turn into targets. Mississippi Burning received seven Oscar nominations in 1989 and won for Best Cinematography.  

Law and Order

This is not such a surprising pick, and Satam describes why he loves it so much: “The show is beautiful. It is shot wonderfully and grips me every time.” Indeed, the various iterations and their loyal fan following to this day stand testimony to Satam’s words. Law and Order, the original series, spanned 20 seasons over two decades and the various spin-offs comprise of over 1,000 hours of programming with police officers outsmarting the bad guys each time.  


A surprise pick, this TV series follows the real-life story of Walter O’Brien, a certified genius with an IQ of 197. Satam says the show is different because of it’s high-concept story, which is why he enjoys it. The series aired in 2014 and has completed two seasons, with the third season beginning earlier this month on CBS. It follows the adventures of O’Brien who must put together a team of super-talents to counter threats to the US and the world. Think of it as Avengers without superpowers but with super brains.  

The Fugitive

Shivaji Satam can’t stop gushing about Harrison Ford’s role in the Oscar-winning 1993 film The Fugitive. The movie’s template is wholly familiar if you’ve seen movies where the wrongfully accused has to run from the law to find the real killer. “Ford’s performance and the screenplay of the movie are so well done that you go with the character and feel for him without even realizing it. The way they do it is really something,” Satam says.  

A Few Good Men

Satam has great taste when it comes to crime shows and movies. And this final choice is by far the best of the lot. A Few Good Men is Satam’s favourite simply because, “the content just grips you from start to end”. Who can forget Tom Cruise looking his dapper best in the US Navy uniform in this legal drama film that also starred Demi Moore and Jack Nicholson? The procedural court drama tells the tale of two US Marines at Guantanamo Bay charged with killing a fellow Marine and how the case twists and turns as the lawyers defend their clients.


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