If you've ever thought women were vain for scouting Facebook and compiling style goals, you were wrong my friend. We've sneaked up on our male friends doing the exact thing time and again. Now boys, there ain't no shame in style stalking. In fact, as comrades in arms, we're here to make this easier for you. Because hey, we feel your pain. Here's our top five picks to help set you new grooming goals. grooming bleach platinum blonde Blondes Have More Fun True saying, that. And icier the better, methinks. Sure you'll need to spend hours lightening and toning your hair but the result will be worth the wait. grooming grey hair Living in Greyscale Don't try to make it mainstream, hipsters, grey hair has always been cool. Add to it a reverse ombre and you've got yourself a baller of a new look. grooming beard colour Flaming Hair, Don't Care Need a change? Don't change your hair colour, change your facial hair colour instead. That's your best accessory. grooming emo hair highlights All the Emo Kids are Gone So find new ways of chanelling your angst. You can still brood even with some introduction of colour in your life. grooming tame frizzy hair Enter the Caveman Yes, yes, we get it. You wan't to look like you #WokeUpLikeThis. We're all for zero effort, but seriously you guys, just tame the mane. Images courtesy Happy in the Head