The problem with famous authors is the same as that of famous directors – everybody only wants to talk about their best work. This isn’t a bad thing obviously, but the search for greatness doesn’t always lie in an artiste’s best work. Sometimes, their real masterpiece simply falls through the cracks. #GyaanOfTheDay Here are five lesser known books by famous authors that we love:  

Something Happened, Joseph Heller

01 something happened

Author's Most famous book: Catch 22 Something Happened describes the story of Bob Scolum who seems to be in deep conversation with himself through most of the novel. He weaves the story of his childhood, family and sexual escapades in a conscious style that is filled with despair and selfishness. Written thirteen years after Catch 22, this book will make you see Joseph Heller in a new light.  

The Beautiful and the Damned, F Scott Fitzgerald

02 the beautiful and the damned

Author's Most famous book: The Great Gatsby For many people, including authors who were influenced by F Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and the Damned is his most important work. The book tells the story of its doomed main characters who are vain and selfish and who ultimately revel in their self-destruction. Published in 1922, this was Fitzgerald’s second novel and it cemented his place in modern American literature much before he wrote the book that overshadowed all others books – The Great Gatsby.   Like this article? Also read: #BookNerdProblems: Need for Speed  

The Hedge Knight, George R R Martin

03 the hedge knight

Author’s most famous book: A Song Of Ice And Fire series If you proclaim that you’re the ultimate fan of the Game of Thrones series simply because you read all of the books, we have some bad news for you. That title can’t belong to you until you pick up the three-book series titled The Hedge Knight. The Hedge Knight takes some time to reach a build up, but Martin’s signature storytelling style is on ample display here. The book is rightly regarded as a prelude to ASOIAF and it won’t take as much time to read.  

How To Be Good, Nick Hornby

04 how to be good

Author’s most famous book: About A Boy While Nick Hornby may be known for About A Boy, the lack of interest in How To Be Good is quite surprising. The book tells the story of a typical British family, and is peppered with Hornby’s sense of humour and is a brutal and funny take on relationships in today’s times. Definitely worth your while if you’re a fan of Hornby, it comes highly recommended for anyone who likes to read contemporary family-based stories.  

Home And The World, Rabindranth Tagore

05 the home and the world

Author’s most famous book: Gitanjali So many people associate only Gitanjali with Rabindranath Tagore that, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think that’s the only book he ever wrote. Which of course isn’t true, and which is also why you should pick up Home and the World right away. It tells the tale of a love triangle peppered with significant thoughts on radicalism, political processes and the silence of good men. The novel is a great insight into India just before Independence. This literary masterpiece has timeless wisdom to impart to us even in this day and age. Reading this book will make you look at the Swadesi movement and Rabindranath Tagore from a different perspective.


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