Diwali may be the festival of lights, but it’s the plethora of sweets that many of look forward to. When else can we eat these tasty treats to our heart’s content and not feel too guilty? And if you’re going all out, why not experiment with tradition and try something new this year? If you live in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata or Pune, then you’re in luck. We found a place in each of these cities that takes our favourite humble Indian sweets and elevates them to orgasmic levels.

Atty's Royal Dessert Paan, Bengaluru

This is one of Bengaluru’s hidden gems and it isn’t listed anywhere. In fact, this writer knows about this phenomenal paan boutique only because he used to live close by and had to end his meals with one of their spectacularly unique-looking mint paans. And if mint isn’t your thing, no problem – you could choose from flavours like strawberry, Irish coffee, pineapple, litchi, hazelnut or malai kulfi. Just head to Karama restaurant on Mosque Road and it’s bang opposite. Like this article? Also read: Chef Rakhee Vaswani Tells You How to Serve Up a Better Breakfast

Bistapurfi, Mumbai

01 fusion indian sweets If dessert is an art, then Bistapurfi is the Picasso of the scene. Everything here is beautifully presented in stunning pastels and you’ll barely be able to recognise these new avatars of your favourite Indian sweets. Fancy a falooda in cake form, a gulab jamun tart, or even a sweet paan disguised as a chocolate truffle? One of their most fascinating creations is the motichoor and carrot cake, which is a motichoor ladoo, covered with vanilla mousse, carrot cake and a light orange dusting. After all, why should you be the only one dressing up for Diwali?

Happy High Alcoholic Cakes, Pune

03 fusion indian sweets With a name like Happy High Alcoholic Cakes, you just know you’re in for a treat here. You might have to call a few days in advance if you want to place an order, because their fantastic creations have the phones ringing off the hook most days. The regular flavours are amazing, but if you’re looking for something straight out of an Indian dessert dream, look no further than their signature Rasmala Cake. The texture is just right, with rasmalai crushed between the layers and laid out on top, and the sweetness doesn’t overpower your palate. You’ve never had anything like this before.

Goila Butter Chicken, Mumbai

02 fusion indian sweets Don’t let the name fool you – this place is good for so much more than just their delectable butter chicken, not least of which are their amazing and inventive desserts, the chocolate golgappa and the baked mango rasgulla. Introduced as special menu items during the festival season a year ago, these fusion desserts became so popular that they’re now permanent fixtures on the menu, and we couldn’t be happier. And if you don’t live within their delivery radius in Andheri, don’t let that stop you – we know quite a few people who’ve made the trip to a friend’s home in Andheri just to gorge on the mango rasgulla. Visit their website to get started.

Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick, Kolkata

Located on Bhowanipur's Paddapukur Road is one of the city’s oldest sweet shops. With so many years in the business, they’ve perfected the art of making everyone’s favourite traditional sweets such as nolen gurer sondesh, chhana sondesh and saffron rosogollas, but if you’re feeling a little more adventurous check out their extensive offerings of chocolate mishtis. You can’t go wrong when the sweets are to die for already, and chocolate just makes it that much more indulgent. Get in touch with them over the phone (033-30990258) to get your fill. Like this article? Also read: The Alzheimer’s Prevention Diet Plan Images via Instagram