Last weekend’s IIFA 2016 awards pointed out something - it’s hard being a celebrity these days. No, seriously. There is the fame, the trips to award show ceremonies in Madrid, and the adoration of scores of passionate fans to enjoy, there is also the dark side of the Internet to put up with, making it very difficult for celebrities to speak their minds. So is it any wonder then, that celebrities choose to be the most boring and blandest versions of themselves just so that their comments are never misinterpreted. Which is why it’s so refreshing when a celebrity says anything unusual. Here are 5 of the most amusing quotes from the IIFA 2016 awards:  

Neil Nitin Mukesh lamented that he isn’t instantly recognizable after his last big hit, New York (2009):

Neil Nitin Mukesh IIFA 2016


Ranveer Singh is upset that he’s no longer Bollywood’s flavour of the season:

Ranveer and Fawad IIFA 2016


Richa Chadha revealed why the rest of us can never be actors:


Richa Chadha IIFA 2016


Karan Johar has 377 reasons why India still hasn't recovered from his bromance with Ranveer after the infamous AIB roast; one is:


Ranveer and Karan IIFA 2016

Deepika Padukone showed her smarts with this answer to a very basic question. Real smooth, Deepika.

 Deepika Padukone IIFA 2016


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