If you thought the French were good only for food and luxury then this article is for you. Slowly but surely, music from France has been taking over the world these past few years. You may be immune to it right now, but make no mistake – after conquering most of Europe, the global leap of these artistes is just a few months away. So, get out your earphones and get to know your new favourite artistes from France. Yep, it’s time to #Frenchify your playlist.  

Couer de Pirate

Béatrice Martin, better known as Couer de Pirate, is so popular that she has been credited for bringing French music to an entire generation in Quebec, her hometown. Couer de Pirate is an Internet success who became famous after one of the songs from her debut album of the same name was used as a soundtrack for a viral video called Time Lapse Of Baby Playing With His Toys. You just can’t make this up! Here’s something else – “Couer de Pirate’s songs are simple enough to teach and she even won an award for her song Comme Des Enfants that was awarded for the ‘Best Reason to Learn French,’” says Arati Kulkarni, a professor at Alliance Française de Mumbai. Recommended Songs – Adieu, Comme Des Enfants, Pour Un Infidel  

Maître Gims

Here’s something you must know about Maître Gims. His first name is actually Gandhi! Yep, this hip-hop artist who has been creating waves in France with his songs was born in Kinshasa, Zaire as Gandhi Djuna. Gims first tasted success as part of the band Sexion d’Assault before launching his solo career. The super success of his first solo album Subliminal, released in 2013, meant that Gims’ popularity skyrocketed throughout France. His second solo album, Mon Cœur Avait Raison, was released last year and also reached the first position on the charts in France. As a result of this, Gims is considered to be one of the top contemporary hip-hop stars today. Recommended Songs – Bella, J’me Tire, Est-Ce Que Tu Máimes    


Have you seen the 2011 film Hugo? Of course you have! What you probably don’t know is that the movie features Zaz’s song Couer Volant. That same year she was marked as someone to watch out for when she received an EBBA Award. The dual successes opened the doors to various concerts around Europe in 2012, followed by the phenomenal album Paris that won the 2015 Echo Award for Best International Female Rock/Pop Artist. Hailed as the new Edith Piaf, Zaz is definitely one of the most popular French female artistes today. Recommended Songs – Je Veux, On Ira, Sous Le Ciel De Paris   Like this article? Also read: Why Lille Is The New Paris  

La Femme

Here’s something different – the Gothic New Wave Rock music of La Femme. While their music is definitely unconventional, it has helped the band secure a position of power in the world of French music ever since the release of their debut album, Psycho Tropical Berlin. You’ll even hear some definite Indian influence in their music! Recommended Songs – Sur La Planche, Sphynx, Nous Etions Deux  


Paul van Haver, better known by his artiste name of Stromae, is a Belgian singer and songwriter who is at the top of his game in the French music scene today after bursting on to the stage as a rookie with his 2009 song Alors On Danse. His deep bass-filled voice and new-age music combine to give his songs a raw and gritty feel that has become his trademark style. Add to that his unconventional music videos and his appeal only increases. Stromae is unafraid to experiment with himself and his music, and his ever-growing fanbase is proof that he’s doing it in the best way possible. If you haven’t heard or seen his songs after Alors On Danse, then you’re missing out on something brilliant! Recommended Songs – Tout Les Memes, Papaoutai, Peace Or Violence


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