CNN recently reported that teens nowadays are less likely to use drugs than their predecessors. While this is good news, we're certain we know the underlying cause - drugs have been replaced with Instagram, and that's a healthy addiction. Whether you're scrolling through your newsfeed on your commute to work or just trying to look occupied while you wait for that friend who is late (again!), Instagram is a fount of information, inspiration and aesthetic delight. There is also a side to Instagram that chock-full with pure Lols, full of existential memes and spoofs. Our favourite accounts are the ones that parody fashion. Fashion has a way of taking itself too seriously sometimes, and a dash of humour peppered here and there can be a welcome respite. Take heed and start following these accounts stat.

Kirby Jenner

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If you aren't keeping up with Kendall Jenner, what are you doing with your life, bruv? And if you aren't keeping up with Kirby Jenner, Kendall's self proclaimed fraternal twin, then we can't even. Props to whoever is responsible for the Photoshop work--it is impeccable.

Nathalie Croquet

Nathalie Croquet is a French photographer, stylist, art director and an Instagram legend. Her Spoof series, where she imitates supermodels in designer ad campaigns will make you smile, chuckle and feel good about the way you look.

Fashion Dads

What's worse than Dad jokes, you ask? Well, here's your answer. These "on fleek" dads pull of mini backpacks with the kind of flair you aspire to. Time to upgrade that style game, y'all.

Kanye Is Fashion

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Kanye West is many things - a rapper, a designer, a father, a celebrity, a God--and now, he is also fashion. Haters gone hate!


In a sea full of #OOTD Insta posts, NYC-based stylist Jessica Anteby's account stands out like a chinchilla coat at Bhandup station. Here you'll find the best memes the Internet has to offer, curated with great care and diligence. Get ready for some giggle fits. Image courtesy @nathaliecroquet/Instagram