We might be in the middle of the monsoons, but we’re still sweating. It rains one day, and heats up under the sun the day after. It’s a sticky situation to be in. This erratic weather can cause mayhem in your daily routine and affect your health. What works best at a time like this is not sitting around trying to predict the day’s weather; instead be prepared. We suggest how.  
Dress in Light-Weight Fabrics
It goes without saying that light-weight fabrics are a lifesaver in summer, but they’re also a good option when it’s likely to rain. Cotton and silky clothes are light and airy, and can keep you cool. They dry quick too, in case you’re caught in a downpour.  
Stay Hydrated
Whether it’s the summer heat or the humidity in monsoon, both can suck the moisture from your body and leave you dehydrated. Sip on water (or even herbal teas) to regulate your system and help you fight lethargy.  
Pick an Indoor Fitness Routine
If it’s raining, you know working out outdoor is not an option (It would be wise to skip it even on a hot summer day, because Indian summers = Hell’s fire). No, we’re not asking you to sit on the couch and miss out on your workout altogether. Try some indoor exercise routines instead - many of them are just as effective as working out outside.  
Keep Power in Supply
We continue to deal with unpredictable power cuts all across the country. So whether the excessive use of air conditioners in the neighbourhood has tripped the line or the rains have caused a cut, you must be ready to deal with it. Invest in a good emergency light to keep your room lit up. Also a good power bank can keep your phone juiced up, especially in an emergency.  
Get an Umbrella
It’ll protect you from the elements, when it’s pouring and when it’s scorching.


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