Your footwear can either make or break your outfit and you sure don't want your footwear doing the latter, do you? Shopping for the right kind of shoe can sometimes drive you into a distressed situation. With an array of colours, patterns, designs and shapes, it is indeed a task to match your footwear to your outfit. To make it easier, we've got you covered! Here's a list of the only footwear you'll ever need in your wardrobe.

Classic Black Shoes

Classic black shoes like these are an absolute must-have in every man's wardrobe. They're one of the most used shoes for formal attires. You could pair them with your office formals or with your fancy suit for the next social gathering. Invest in a good classic pair which will be your go-to option for everytime you want to keep it simple yet stylish.

Tan Brogues

Tan Brogues will be your ultimate favourite once you know how versatile they are. You could pair them with your formals or casuals and you'll sure make a statement. They're smart, sturdy and totally fashionable. You could choose from a wide range of brown leather brogues with different styles of punched detailing as seen above.

Comfortable Sneakers

Sneakers are comfortable and you could basically live in them. They're perfect for your casual outfits and the right pair could really amp up your style quotient. Choose a pair that would match almost all your outfits like this black pair. You could wear them with jeans or chinos and a casual t-shirt.

Leather Boots

A pair of leather boots are perfect for sweater weather. They're extremely stylish and smart and could be paired with jeans. Be sure to invest in a comfortable snug pair that is also fashionable. You can choose from a variety of fabrics like leather and suede that are perfect for this season.

Casual Shoes

Moccasins like these are perfect for your casual weekends. They're comfortable and you don't compromise on style either. These could be paired with jeans or shorts and are also perfect for college. They are available in almost every colour and should definitely be on your list of must-haves. Image courtesy: Shutterstock