Let's admit it, our workout wear generally consists of old track pants and loose T-shirts that look like they've survived a World War or two. It's comfy, hides the (fl)abs and no decision-making is required to put them on. But when you reach the gym, you notice that one girl who's always in those really cute sports bras and printed leggings and always looks like she's walking with an Instagram filter. You did think of someone, didn't you? So this year, if you've made a resolution of killing it at the gym (and if you're anything like us, you'd probably just die trying getting out of the bed) and intend on going religiously, let us help you make it easier.  If you up your gym wardrobe game, you'd want to go there more often. Take a cue from these celebrities who do it best. If these celebs don't give you gym wardrobe goals, we don't know what will. Jacqueline Fernandez Not only does Jacqueline look graceful while doing Yoga-Pilates, but that all-black-everything combo is just waiting to be worn for our next workout. #GoalsAF. Pro Tip: Can't stand the gym? Try your hand at something mixing two workout styles like Yoga-Pilates. Gigi Hadid Note to self - workout selfies look better with dope pants on. Anything that is black and has a minimal print, we NEED it to look this badass. Pro Tip: Stressed much? Replace your morning coffee cravings with a half-hour rigorous workout and you'll be pumped up all day long. Gisele Bundchen That outfit and that view. How could she not be fit? She's got all the inspiration she needs! #TrainLikeAnAngel. Pro Tip: After a long day at work, workout to calm your nerves and still stay fit.

Work out today was en pointe ?

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Karlie Kloss   Ballerinas know what's up. From cute topknots to perfectly pointed toes, Karlie is killing it. Pro tip: Graceful is the new strong. Dance workouts are rigorous AND fun.

Gym selfie with the MILF

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Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian: How can any post about gym selfies be complete without the Kardashians? Sisters who train together, stay together. Pro Tip: Find someone you love and make them be your gym buddy.