Forget runway trends and celeb style. Real girls have girls and we’ll flaunt what our momma gave us. All those in favour, say aye! Instead of giving two flying fucks about impossible-to-wear-IRL street style looks, let’s take matters in our hands and decide what’s good for us. Because we’re the boss of us,┬áright ladies? Here are 5 options we’re crushing on at the mo’.

Beige Shirt Dress

Beige shirtdress


This wardrobe staple goes from brunch to boardroom seamlessly.

Striped Midi Skirt

Striped midi skirt


Midi is the hemline of the season and this A-line skirt is flattering AF!

Blue Jeans

Blue jeans


This light-washed pair should definitely be a permanent fixture in your closet.

White Shirt

White shirt


This shirt goes with the aforementioned blue jeans like chocolate chips go on cookies.

Striped Dress

Striped dress


This one is for all the bootylicious girls out there.