Unstitched material might not be high on your list of fashion buys but we are here to change your mind. Just think about it - you can choose the print, the colour and pretty much get your hands on whatever fashion item you're been crushing on. All you need is a good tailor and you can let the fashionista in you go crazy. Forget the traditional salwar-kurta and turn your unstitched material into five very fashionable things.

Boho Skirts

Hello elegance ... and comfort. Big hippie skirts are all the rage this season and if you haven't found your 'skirt-mate' yet, now is the perfect time to tailor make one. If you want to get a little experimental, mix and match two materials and get yourself a quirky, fun skirt.

One Crop Top To Go

That stolid coloured unstitched material can be put to some very good use. We suggest some major snip and snap to turn it into the perfect crop top. The traditional material is just the choice for lending a very Indian feel to the whole look. Better yet, pair it with that skirt and bring on your desi game just right.

J for Jackets

Ahh ... the number of times we've wished for a separate jacket store just to make layering oh so fun. Unstitched materials are just the thing to warrantee bringing out all the layering references and get yourself a perfect, colourful and very boho jacket. You can also take some cue from B-Town (hello Kareena Kapoor Khan) and stitch yourself a looonggg jacket to go with everything in your wardrobe.

Pants That Fit

The struggle to find pants that fit is way too real. Bring out that printed material and get yourself just the perfect size of Jodhpuri pants - or just nice printed pants - to go with that crop top. (See all you need is some unstitched material to double your wardrobe).

The Perfect Dress

This is it - your answer to finding the perfect dress to go for all your traditional needs as well as your Indo-Western fashion soul. A maxi dress, a short printed dress or even a tea-length dress, you can choose your own style. The traditional garment is sure to lend some super classy vibes to your look.