Be it the TV in your living room or the smartphone in your pocket, your favourite hair curler or your perfect beard trimmer, every single electronic device around you contributes to your life in some way or the other. However, none of them can function optimally without regular maintenance. Without some love every now and then, these devices will eventually start showing signs of wear, slowdown and could even stop working entirely - where you'll have to involve external help.

To avoid that, there's a certain set of tips that you can use, just to ensure that your devices are in the optimal condition around the year. Trust us, the effort you put into this shall return to you manifold as better performance and longer device life. Here are 40 tips that we've shortlisted for your gadgets and appliances.

1) Always use the official charger.

2) Use screen protectors for devices with screens.

3) Plug your cords safely.

4) Unplug when not in use.

5) Use surge protection power strips.

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6) Install full home surge protection.

7) Use a gentle dusting wand/brush to clean crevices.

8) Clean screens with a lightly damp microfiber cloth.

9) Use rubbing alcohol to remove stains.

10) Use compressed air to blow the dust away.

11) Modify screen brightness to save energy.

12) Use standby mode/power-saving mode.

13) Store seldom-used wires and cords.

14) Label your cables.

15) Use cable organisers.

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16) Dispose of them responsibly.

17) Keep the original packaging.

18) Avoid deep discharging.

19) Keep long-term inactive devices charged at 50%.

20) Take off the phone’s cover while charging.

21) Keep your device away from direct sunlight.

22) Keep temperature variance to a minimum.

23) Stick to loads that the device can support.

24) Ensure adequate airflow around devices.

25) With few exceptions, don’t stack your devices.

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26) Shutdown when overheated.

27) Disable always on.

28) Encase and cover everything.

29) Take regular backups.

30) Keep humidity low.

31) Don’t let the battery stay plugged in and charging indefinitely.

32) Use a stabiliser.

33) Remove batteries if you’re not using your devices for a while.

34) Keep free space on storage devices.

35) Keep devices away from magnets.

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36) Turn off displays when not in use.

37) Install official software and applications.

38) Install regular updates – even for internet-connected appliances.

39) Engage child lock with children in the house.

40) Only use official and authorised service centres and personnel.

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