When Aaradhya Bachchan celebrated her birthday last November, she wore a pretty peach dress that matched in flounce and colour to her mother, Aishwarya Rai. So it’s no surprise that pictures of them, adorably coordinated, dominated Instagram feeds and celebrity news websites. Mother-daughter dressing is a thing. And every mother – from Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian to Karisma Kapoor Beyoncé – is guilty of indulging in it. But to pull off the look successfully, there are some rules to be followed. Here are three simple rules to carry off mother-daughter dressing successfully:

Wear the same colours

Here’s a basic, and easy-to-follow thumb rule: simply coordinate colours. Picking clothes in complementary hues creates harmony. For example, this striped dress from LOV from Westside can be coordinated with this cotton blouse from Hop by Westside for your little girl.

Match Prints

Colours aren’t the only way to twin. Match your prints - stripes, graphics, or in this case, Aztec prints. This deep blue maxi dress can be coordinated with this snowy white of-shoulder dress.

Dress age appropriate

Love the print, and the colour? Then pick styles that suit each of you best. While it might be tempting to wear the exact same outfit in different sizes, the cut might be too young for you, or too old for her. For example, this navy polka dot maxi from LOV by Westside will go perfectly with this fit-and-flare style from Hop by Westside.