Layering, to me, is the perfect way to add personality into an outfit. Think of your separates as individuals who are brought together by an anchor (you). Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Through the summer, most people tend to go shorter on the hemlines and ditch the layering. While this may be one way to beat the heat, it doesn’t do much in terms of helping me create the perfect ensemble! So over the course of time, I’ve found ways of making layers work. Here’s what I have learnt:

Pick Summer Fabrics

Wearing a synthetic shrug, no matter how simple and light can be disastrous. Synthetic fibres tend to stick to sweat as opposed to absorbing it. What’s makes it worse it that these fabrics often take longer to dry out so they can’t be worn often as well. Instead, choose airy fabrics like linens or cotton blends this season. They’re easy to wash, they absorb sweat and help keep you cool. Like this article? Also read: How To Go Straight From Work to Dinner & Drinks

Go Short, Go Long

Choose separates of different lengths – the mixing and matching will help make your outfit feel complete. For example, with today’s look that I’m sharing with you, I wanted to wear a loose-fitting, balloon sleeve shrug (from Westside). But I didn’t want to pair the full sleeves with full-length denims! That’s when I got the idea of wearing it over this lace crop top and simple pair of shorts – both from Westside.

Contrast Colours

  Another simple way to add some dimension to your outfit is with the help of colour play. You can either go the colour blocking route, or simply mix up neutrals with a pop of colour – the call is yours to make. For this look, I chose the classic, neutral set of black and white and popped it up with tones of pink and red. If I’m not sure about an outfit I have put together, my trick is to stand in front of a mirror and give myself a few moments. If I’m comfortable with what I’ve put on, I’m ready to head out the door. If not, though, then I change an element from my look. Happy layering! Like this article? Also read: Your 3-Step Guide to Creating a Summer-Proof, Easy Chic Style

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