Jobs your favourite sit-com stars hold down in reel life seem to come with some amazing perks. In real life, who would say no to the extra chill time or good looking stuff? Not us, especially when it’s all about…  

Not Really Needing to Go to Work

Ever wondered how the gang from Friends met up at random times during the day for hour-long coffee breaks? Or what Mikesh and Tanya, from Permanent Roommates, do when they aren’t constantly changing their fickle minds?

 01 sitcom jobs “Can’t you see how much I obviously love you, Mikesh?”

If I had a rupee for every time I was allowed to leave work at noon, so that I could spend a couple of hours at a coffee shop with my friends, I would have zero rupees. And I literally mean zero, because I would be fired if I even tried that once.

02 sitcom jobs “Hey guys, do you ever wonder why we have no other friends even after 10 years?”

But who cares about that when you could spend most of your twenties in a CCD, right?  

Being Able To Afford A Huge Apartment

Sit-com jobs are the best – they’ve taken the concept of dignity of labour and elevated it to utopian levels. You could be a medical sales rep with five daughters and a wife to support, like Anand Mathur from Hum Paanch, and you’d still be able to afford a massive home.

 03 sitcom jobs The portrait of a dead woman talks to her husband regularly and their housing situation is what you find unbelievable?

In the real world, however, things are hardly anything like that. For instance, when I want to use the bathroom in my Mumbai apartment, I have to be careful not to step over either of the two guys sprawled on the floor of the tiny 1BHK we share, only to wait ten minutes for the third guy to exit the bathroom. Then I spend all my time in the 4x4 space staring through the window and feeling like Shah Jahan must have felt as he stared out at the Taj Mahal through the tiny slit of his prison cell in Agra fort. Except my Taj Mahal is the twenty feet of garbage-strewn space between the two buildings.

04 sitcom jobs “If only I had listened to my mother and become a waitress in a coffee shop, I’d be able to afford a massive apartment in New York City.”

Sometimes a light breeze takes a wrong turn and wanders into my housing society, but that’s only on good days.  

Being Able to Afford Anything

It’s hard to miss the stylish wardrobe full of clothes your favourite sitcom characters own. In a single episode, there are up to five costume changes and that’s not even counting the fact that outfits are rarely ever repeated.

05 sitcom jobs “I’m so broke I can’t even pay attention to my shopping addiction” *cue laugh track*

And it isn’t just clothes. Everything is easily within your reach when you have a sitcom job! Last minute flight tickets to Hawaii? No problem! Dinner reservations at that new restaurant that opened up in the Taj? Done! Even one of my favourite sit-coms, TVF’s Pitchers, is guilty of this – a bunch of broke, unemployed guys who can somehow afford a constant stream of new clothes.

06 sitcom jobs “My big start-up idea? An online shirt-swapping portal.”

So where can I sign up? I make a killer filter kaapi.


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