In the initial days of console gaming, an HD or a FullHD television were considered to be good enough for a quality gaming experience. But fast forward to 2019, and a 720p or a 1080p television just doesn’t make the cut. Gaming consoles have come a long way since their inception and can now process life-like visuals and take advantage of 4k resolution and HDR lighting effects that truly improve the gaming experience. Hence, there’s a lot of pressure on televisions for being able to harness the power of gaming consoles because what’s the use of all the power of a gaming console if the television can’t take advantage of it and push the gaming experience a notch higher? So if you’re a gamer who’s looking for a television that’s worth the prowess of gaming consoles of today, here’s a list of televisions to take your gaming experience to the next level.


64-inch 4K OLED Panel| Instantaneous Response Time | Deep Blacks

  The LG B8 is probably the best television you can get to enjoy your escapades into the gaming universe. The brilliant OLED display showcases perfect blacks,  an excellent wide colour gamut and stupendous picture quality. The 4K television supports HDR as well. It's nearly instantaneous response time and capability of delivering crystal clear motion with no blur makes it an ideal choice for gaming.

Sony KD-55X9000F

55-inch 4K LED TV | HDR Gaming Support | Ability to upscale to 4K

  The maker of the PlayStation gaming consoles make wonderful 4K televisions that are a perfect match for your gaming needs. The Sony X900F has an excellent 4K panel and supports HDR gaming. Its display gets rather bright and its powerful X1 processor delivers unprecedented picture quality and is also capable of upscaling content from any source nearer to 4K HDR quality. Another added bonus is its refresh rate of 100Hz.

Samsung 55Q6FN

55-inch 4K LED Panel| Attractive bezel-less design | Support for variable fresh rates

  Gamers looking to indulge in a 4K television that looks as good as the games they want to play should definitely consider the Samsung Q6FN. This bezel-less beauty from Samsung has excellent contrast and is capable of reproducing both SDR and HDR content that will more than please you. More importantly, its excellent low input lag and support for variable fresh rates make it a great weapon choice for any gamer worth it's salt.

Panasonic TH-55FX730D

55-inch 4K LED Panel | Value-for-money offering | 120Hz Refresh Rate

  Want to lay hands on a 4K television that doesn’t burn a massive hole in your pocket? The Panasonic FX730D is one such value-for-money television that delivers both in performance and affordability. The 4K panel supports various HDR standards and produces deep blacks and rich vibrant colours. It also supports local dimming that allows the television set to dim the light source allowing for greater contrast, really ramping up the HDR experience. But if you’re a gamer, you’ll be more than happy to know that it has a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Samsung 75Q8C

75-inch 4K QLED Panel | Curved display | Low input lag

  If you’re looking forward to indulging, rather than experience, a gaming session then this is television you should definitely consider. The curved display is a more natural shape that takes advantage of our round eyes' peripheral vision and delivers a better viewing experience. The 4K display is also one of the brightest panels which means you’ll be able to game in a bright room without compromising on display legibility. Its low input lag adds another point in its long list of positives.