Happy New Year! 2016 was a rough ride but it is behind us. Out with the old and in with the new. Find out what surprises the planets have for you this year. To sum it up - the excitement is just the beginning.



Carpe 2017, Aries! This is your year to reclaim your alpha stance and you've kicked into power mode. It's dream big or go home for you and your target-oriented self is raging to go. This year is all about setting goals  in aspects of your life—from professional targets and personal goals to fitness levels. Stock up on athletic pieces that function both in and out of the gym and charge.


You do you, Taurus! This year your only focus is to be yourself, and unapologetically so. A little sel love goes a long way so start exercising it today. Soul-searching is on your mind this year and what better way to find yourself than travel? Put on some walking shoes and explore the unknown. 


Boss mode on, Gemini! 2017 is your year of succeeding on all professional fronts. From bagging that high-profile client to getting that much-deserved raise (and maybe even promotion!), this is your year to shine. Suit up for the success that awaits you and incorporate elements of power dressing in your closet. You'll need to look your best when all the accolades rain down.  


Feeling spiritual, Cancer? Your ruler, Moon, is going to ensure you seek balance this year. Find your center, channel the energy and spend this year trying to be one with the universe. Start small with 10 minutes of guided meditation or take a leap and become a yogini (a stylish one, obviously). By the end of this year, you will find peace and calm.


Buckle up, Leo, 2017 will take you on a wild ride. The only thing on the cards and on your mind is adventure. Start planning those trips you've always wanted to go on and stock up on travel essentials like light layers. Rest assured, you'll be needing them soon. Want to stay put? Then take off over the weekend and explore your city. You'll be surprised to find what it has in store. 


Happy 2017, Virgo! If you've already caught the good vibes, that's because you should. This is your year of creative expression. Sign up  for that music class, take up pottery or find catharsis though bullet journaling, this is your time to find yourself through dedicated 'me time'.  If you find yourself shopping more often than you have last year, don't be surprised. Finding your personal style is, after all, a form of creative expression. 


Happy New Year, Libra! You've worked hard and pushed your limits last year so it's time to take a break now. This year, make health your priority. There's noting wrong in putting your health needs before work or other commitments. This doesn't mean you have to become a fitness fiend—just lace up those running shoes and go for a morning run to feel rejuvenated. 


2017 is all about relationships, Scorpio. Work on strengthening the ones you have and forging new ones, on both professional and personal turfs. Networking with the right people will take you places. This is one hell of a roller coaster ride of a year for you but that doesn't mean you neglect yourself in the process. Make sure you get enough sleep to keep your energies up. Make your sleeping space comfy and invest in snugly pajamas.


2017 will have your schedule jam packed, Sagi! From busy days at work to an even busier social life, this year will see you juggling calendar invites and task-lists with the dexterity of a ballerina. Now is the clean out your closet and stock it with pieces that work overtime like you do. Invest in creating a capsule collection of basics like blazers and shift dresses so you can mix and match. 


Slow down, Capricorn. 2017 urges you to not be so hard on yourself. Take some time to unwind when work stress threatens to bog you down. Take a walk around your office or just close your eyes and focus on your breath. The world can wait for you. Try to incorporate easy pieces in your wardrobe for a start. This year is all about putting yourself first. 


Enough of hiding in the shadows, Aquarius. Go ahead and shine on in 2017. Try out new hobbies or experiment with your style—you have nothing to lose. If you've always wanted to get a tattoo or a piercing but were too afraid to, shun the fear and go forth. The stars want you to be your best self so please don't  deny them this victory. If you still have your reservations, start small and focus on re-hauling your style. Add a dash of colour of experiment with prints.


Va-va-voom, Pisces! You're turning the heat on this year. The first half of the year is about personal relationships  so focus on this. Put on your sexy back and take charge. The spotlight will want to claim you in the second half too and you'll find yourself the centre of attention. A full social calendar beckons so start preparing now to avoid the disappointment of having your favourite pieces go out of stock.