2017 has already kicked off on a high note, thanks to the Golden Globes red carpet. The 2016 fashion hangover, however, still looms large. Last year was a total murkfest--what with Trump's election, refugee crisis, Aleppo, demonetisation and deaths a-plenty. Now that we've stepped into 2017, let's hope to start afresh and on a hopeful note. Having said that, there are a few things from 2016 we can be grateful for, especially in terms of fashion. This was the year when fashion put comfort first; a rarity we'll only be able to grasp the significance of in the future generations. We gave up heels in lieu of sneakers and traded bodycon dresses with gym wear. There was a definite nod to the '90s and were made aware of Tumblr's influence on fashion and culture. If we had to sum up last year in one outfit... well, Racked already did that for us. Watch and learn, kids.