Every once in a while, a movie comes along and forces you to think about the events unfolding on screen more than you’d like. “A lot of youngsters are looking for intellectually stimulating movies. While Christopher Nolan’s movies are a good introduction to the genre, there are many great films that didn’t release theatrically that the younger generation can seek out,” Reagan Gavin Rasquinha, who reviews Hollywood movies for The Times of India, says.  If you love movies that are slightly weird and different from the formulaic fare generally on offer, then check out this curated list we made just for you!  


01 melancholia twisted movies

A mysterious new planet is about to collide with Earth and a young bride, played by Kirsten Dunst, is pulled further and further away from the realities of her life, as well as her sister’s life, just before the end of the world. This is a sci-fi film without too much science that simply tries to get inside the mind of its protagonist in the first half and her sister (played by Charlotte Gainsbourg) in the second half. And that makes the entire movie quite weird indeed.  

Donnie Darko

02 donnie darko twisted movies

Donnie Darko is widely considered to be a cult movie. For those of you who haven’t the film we ought to let you know that it is laced with disturbing imagery, and yet it also redefines supernatural storytelling. Jake Gyllenhaal’s portrayal of an angst-ridden teenager brought him into the limelight with a bang. However, if you love rabbits, you might want to stay clear of this one. You’ve been warned!  

Being John Malkovich

03 being john malkovich twisted movies

Being John Malkovich has to be one of the most ingenious films ever made. When a puppeteer finds a way into the mind of actor John Malkovich, things begin to unravel quickly for the actor as well as the puppeteer (played by John Cusack). This humorous film should be your top pick if you’re looking to watch something that is clever, witty and fun.  

The Fountain

04 the fountain twisted movies

The Fountain is a weird, weird film. Featuring Hugh Jackman as a scientist out to save his dying wife Izzi (played by Rachel Weisz), the movie first features the duo in a modern setting, then in the past as a Spanish Empress and Conquistador and, finally, in a parallel universe hurtling towards oblivion inside a giant bubble with a tree for company. Yep, it’s weird – but worth a watch.   Like this article? Also read: #HitList: Ultimate Freddie Mercury Performances to Watch  


05 enemy twisted movies

Enemy features Jake Gyllenhaal in one of his most nuanced performances. In the beginning, he is Adam Bell, living an ordinary routine life until he spots his lookalike on TV. Their mutual obsession with each other forms the core of the movie with an ending that will make you fall in love with the film.  


06 antichrist twisted movies

In Lars von Trier’s Antichrist, a woman slips into depression after her son falls out of a window while she is having sex with her husband in the next room. The couple retreat to the woods to get back to their normal lives but things quickly begin to go from bad to worse. The beautiful cinematography and director Lars von Trier’s ability to offend while telling a thoughtful story is a thing to behold. “Most of von Trier’s films flirt with ideas that are very meta, but his ability to create genuine art out of his films is a joy to watch on screen – something Antichrist does rather brilliantly,” Reagan says.  


07 predestination twisted movies

Movies that deal with the theme of time travel tend to under-deliver more often than not. Predestination breaks that mould, and how! Ethan Hawke plays a Temporal Agent in search of the one criminal who has eluded him time and time again. This genre-bending film features a stellar performance from Hawke and an utterly original story.  

Under The Skin

08 under the skin twisted movies

Scarlett Johansson’s most unconventional movie role to date has her playing an alien who picks up and kills men in Scotland. It’s quite gory in parts and some of the killing was probably too glorified. Nevertheless, this is a film that somehow did not receive the love from audiences that it was due.  

The Lobster

09 the lobster twisted movies

In the near future, single people are sent to a commune to find love within 45 days. If they fail to do so, they turn into an animal of their choosing. This immensely watchable film stars Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz in lead roles, along with Bond girl Lea Seydoux and Ben Whishaw. “This is such a beautifully twisted film that I can’t recommend it enough,” says Reagan.  


10 sunshine twisted movies

Sunshine is Danny Boyle’s attempt at finding out what makes a person go over the edge. Set in 2057, the sci-fi film – a genre Boyle vowed never to dabble in again after finishing this movie – tells the story of a team of astronauts who must deliver a nuclear fission missile into the Sun (which is dying) in an attempt to save humanity.


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