If you didn’t already know it, now you do. Today, July 8, is celebrated the world over as Cow Appreciation Day. Not that we need one day to appreciate our favourite four-legged friend – for Indians it’s Cow Appreciation Day every day. In fact, we have nothing but reverence for the cow. And you know what else we treat with reverence? Movies.

Think of what happen if you put the two together.

That ghee drinking scene would be even more dramatic

bhaag milkha bhaag

The steaks have never been higher

Bridget jones diary

Oh, to be stalked by a creature so noble

cable guy

Can you imagine this face jumping out at you from a painting?

conjuring 2

What does mine say? Doodh! What does mine say? Sweet!

 dude wheres my car

Would you ever piss off a face like this?


Ek bull ka jeena...

kaho na pyar hai

Jadhoo? Dhooooooooooo...dh

koi mil gaya

Who can resist the illicit love of a cow?


As if this movie couldn't get more absurd

Scary movie


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Image credits: Aditi Sharma