After settling on a location (such as, say, Pondicherry’s beach) and sending out 'save the date' invitations on Instagram, you’re now focusing on the details that will make your hipster wedding the success you want it to be. Have you thought about music to match the occasion? If Bollywood music is off the playlist, try these tunes for your party.  

Laung Gwacha, Nucleya

His music has got that global desi vibe that’s trippy enough to dance to. You can argue that he’s gone mainstream, what with that item song for Kapoor & Sons, but he’s stayed true to his music even then.  

Divide, Dualist Inquiry

This downtempo song is the perfect soundtrack for your sea/poolside sundowner. Grab that mimosa and chill.  

Badda, Ska Vengers

Reserve this song for when the fun dancing starts. The Ska Vengers, with their funky Caribbean mento meets calypso meets American jazz meets R&B, are perky enough to induce even the stiffest hips to shake.  

Show Me What You Got, Bombay Bassment

These Mumbai-based electro rock giants are all about upbeat, hip-hop-inspired beats; ask your guests to show you what they got… on the dance floor, that is.  

Dancing Mood, Reggae Rajahs

Here’s one more hip-shaking number from the Rajahs of reggae.  

Superfly, Anish Sood

Every party needs good dance music. And Anish Sood is the man for that.  

Item Song, Ganesh Talkies

Every wedding needs an item song. Even hipster weddings.  

Bali, Ritviz

This Pune-based teen DJ’s tunes are wild and trippy – you’ll end the night on a high note.


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