Considering the lore and romance associated with it, Valentine’s Day is one day you definitely want to celebrate with your significant other. But what happens when you and your partner are in different cities (or worse, countries) on this day of love? Whether it’s an unavoidable trip he/she had to take or the fact that you two are in a long-distance relationship, this is one of the hardest days you have to spend apart. Here is our pick of ways in which to make Valentine’s Day special for the two of you – no matter what the physical distance between you.

Surprise Him/Her

This is the best gift you could give your significant other – show up at their house/hotel room. Be sure to keep this tightly under wraps though, and offer no hints. If necessary, take the help of their flat mate or co-worker to arrange for some pretty decorations in the room. Plan this well in advance though, so you can swing some time off of work as well as get reasonably priced air tickets.

Have a Skype Dinner Date

If surprising him or her in person is not possible, the next best thing is to set up a Skype dinner date. Make plans to have food delivered at the same time so it feels like you’re together and order the same cuisine and, if possible, even the same dishes. At the designated time, pop open a bottle of wine each and dine together. After all, nothing can be more romantic than having a quiet, candlelit dinner together – on video chat.

Watch a Movie Together on Video Call

If you’re really missing your partner and want to spend some more time together, plan a movie date on video call. You can rent a movie you both enjoy and watch it together on Skype before you have your dinner. Trust us, this really is the next best thing.

Send Handwritten Love Letters

With technology come more modern ways of communication, including text messages, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. But nothing spells romance more than a handwritten love note. Write one for your other half and send it, the old-fashioned way, by post, and imagine your partner’s eyes light up when s/he gets it.

Mail a Goody Bag of All Their Favourite Things

For a special Valentine’s Day present, we suggest collection a list of things that your partner likes into a care package and mailing it to him or her a few days in advance so that it reaches them on time. You can even write instructions to “open on Valentine’s Day only” so that they don’t open it before by mistake. Put in your partner’s favourite chocolate, perfume, a rose, a note, or anything else he/she holds dear and make your Valentine’s day.

01 long distance v day Unlike with previous generations, technology is on your side.

Post Him or Her a Part of Yourself

For a truly personalised present, send your partner something of yours that will remind them of you. This could be anything from underwear to a t-shirt with your perfume sprayed on it.

Make Them a Mixed CD or Spotify Playlist

If your partner is fond of music and two have favourite songs that hold special memories, combine them all into a CD (or Spotify playlist) and send them to him or her. It could include anything, from the first song you danced to to the first heavy metal band he liked in college. Create musical memories that will remind you of each other, even when you’re apart.

Send a Video or Audio Note

Your partner will love to hear from you on Valentine’s Day – so why not make a keepsake for him or her to watch or listen to whenever they miss you? Put down a romantic message for him or her on video or even as an audio note that you can then email to them – we’re sure it’ll make his day.

Stay Up All Night Talking on the Phone

If you really can’t get enough of each other and are missing the other like crazy, plan a nightlong phone conversation in advance so that both of you are prepared. Whisper sweet nothings, watch a movie together, talk about your day, month, year, your future together, what you’d like to do to each other in bed, or anything else that catches your fancy. If you can get through the night talking to him or her on the phone without getting bored, you know the relationship is for keeps.

Plan an Alternative V-Day Date

If you’re planning on meeting each other in the near future anyway, why not celebrate Valentine’s Day then? Highlight the date in your calendars, this way you’ll also have something to look forward to. Plus, you’ll avoid the overpriced meals, flowers, cards, and candy that V-Day brings with it.

Get Down with Sexting

Long-distance relationships are particularly hard not because you don’t see each other every day, but also because of the reduced intimacy. Make up for that with some sexting or video sex to keep the love flowing. Pick up from where you left off when you meet in person next.

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