Last year, the biggest trends in innerwear had to do with the shape of things. Bra cups went triangular, necklines were higher and intricate backstraps were hot. In fact, innerwear came very close to becoming outerwear. Brands like Etam Paris certainly championed it. This year though, the focus moves to the need for comfort. The ever-so-uncomfortable underwire becomes less popular, as do uncomfortable cuts. In 2019, trends in lingerie are focused on soft cups, clean fits, neutral tones and sports bras. Of course, vibrant colours haven't been compromised on. Keeping comfort in mind, here are lingerie trends for 2019:

Soft Cup Lace Bralettes

Celebrating comfort and liberation, soft cup bralettes with gorgeous lace detailing are going to be a hit this year. They will soon replace the wireless push up bras that most women dread wearing.

New Neutrals

You no longer need to choose a single nude shade. The new neutrals come in shades of brown, tan and other earthy tones that are perfect for your everyday outfits.

Sporty Lingerie

Last year, sporty lingerie made a major comeback with the athleisure trend and the sports bra is now worn increasingly outside the gym too. So it's safe to say, it's here to stay. Think lycra fabrics, mesh detailing and logomania prints. It's all about comfort this time.
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Neon lingerie may seem like an intimidating choice but if you're looking out to have some fun experimenting with your outfits, this trend won't let you down.

High-cut Underwear

Fussy underwear is now being replaced with clean edge styles and high leg cuts that offer more comfort for everyday wear. They offer a seamless fit and you'll love wearing these.
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