He was your first coach who taught you to take care of your body and stay fit, and he is your number one fan as you make healthier choices today. Make your sporty dad, feel like an MVP with these top-of-the-range activewear and sporty accessories.

Here's what you should get:

A Fitbit

The perfect log for Father to keep track of his daily fitness activities! A Fitbit not just makes staying healthy an easy task, but the numbers that you look at at the end of the day are great motivators to keep going. He always cheered you on, and this is your gift to keep him on-track.

Sports Shoes

For dads who love to workout, or love the outdoors, sports shoes are ALWAYS a good idea. Trust us, he will never have enough pairs of sports shoes.


Even if he doesn’t care about the style, a good, comfortable set of sportswear is always welcomed. Those that are made from breathable, easy-dry fabric are best – like a track pant and jacket set from Westsport by Westside.

A Phone

Father will love a smartphone that lets him stay on track with the wide variety of fitness apps on offer. Whether he is planning to eat healthy, or track his steps or simply plan a hike, an Oppo phone or a Vivo offers the best apps to keep track of his #FitRoutine. Plus a good tool for you guys to stay in touch.


Great noise-cancelling headphones are a good gifting option; brands like JBL and Sony have great in-ear and over-the-ear options.

(L-R, clockwise from top): headphones, JBL; activewear, Westside; sports shoes, Steve Madden; phone, Apple; tracker, Fitbit. Styling, production and photography: Fashshot Agency

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