When he first appeared on the scene a few years ago, people went absolutely crazy for him. Ali Zafar is a Pakistani actor, singer-songwriter and musician, who debuted in Bollywood with his lead role in the sleeper hit, Tere Bin Laden. He is easily the most prominent Indo-Pak celebrity of his generation and has won over the hearts of multitudes of fans, but more importantly he was the one who started the trend of Pakistani actors and musicians venturing into the Indian film industry – a trend that will no doubt serve to bring the people of both nations closer in their adulation of stars such as him. So what kind of music does Ali Zafar – such an accomplished musician himself – listen to when he needs some inspiration? Read on to find out.  

On The Turning Away, David Gilmour

Some songs carry a meaning that transcends time and space. For me, this is one of those.  

River Of Tears, Eric Clapton

Whenever I want to disconnect from the world this is the song I turn to. Clapton, who's arguably the best guitar player in the world, shows us how less can be more with his guitar licks.  

Purple Rain, Prince

Prince was a magician for me. And this song of his is pure magic. No matter how many times I hear it, I think of things that never occur to me otherwise.  

Shape Of My Heart, Sting

From the point that the sound of nylon strings starts the song, you know you're up for awesomeness. Sting’s voice is awesome; and coupled with this song and these lyrics, it hits the spot.  

Dasht E Tanhai, Iqbal Bano

Each and every phase sung by the legendary Iqbal Bano draws a little part of me into her world. The lyrics, the melody, the craft of rendition of such classic vocals – it's something else.


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